Oh, heyyyyy.

Is this thing on? (taps mic) Ahem…

My name’s Ari and I’m the writer behind The Good Getter. Man, it took me awhile to think up that killer name.

When I was thinking of what I wanted to focus this blog on, I kept coming back to the same ideas: feeling good, being a well-rounded person, following my gut, surrounding myself with amazing people, and learning to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Then it hit me—I’m not only what most would consider a go getter but, I am a good getter. I really seek that kinda stuff out.

Guys, it feels so good to be writing to you, especially about something I’m so passionate about—happiness. I know that seems like such a broad topic (and it is), but I didn’t want to pigeon hole my stories into one niche. This way, I can cover it all—food, feelings, fitness, and just the ooey gooey life stuff. I’d like to think of it as a mix between a lifestyle blog and the pages of my journal.

Something along the lines of of this:


So, you probably want to know a little about me before I start sharing my life with you. That’s fair, I guess. 😉

Well, I live in L.A. and have now since September 2013. Before that, my fiancé, Sam, and I lived in Massachusetts where we were born and raised. We met at the tail end of college playing music and have been hangin’ out ever since. (More on MA, music, and us in posts to come.)

If you know Sam, then this whole sweater-around-the-neck thing is pretty hilarious.

What brought us to Cali? Other than the crappy weather, I wanted to give working in the entertainment industry a go after studying writing and production, and Sam wanted to live the laid-back west coast life and start anew. Best combo.

I snagged a job soon after the move in my field and have been working my way through ever since. I’ve maybe done coffee runs for The Talk‘s Julie Chen, talked to Drew Carey before he waltzed on Dancing With The Stars, and sat near Ariana Grande in the Big Brother audience.  It’s been a ride and the best personal and professional adventure.

My department’s last day at our Television City location. My neon skirt is super subtle…

And, if you’re curious, Sam now works in the beer industry, so you could say that laid-back thing sorta kinda worked out for him. Cheers!

Okay, back to the blog…

What can you expect to read on The Good Getter? I’ll post about food I’m making or eating at restaurants (did I mention I’m a huge foodie?), my fitness journey, our next 3 (ish) months leading up to the wedding, my love for yoga and meditation, things that make me laugh, more about my incredible family back in MA, and what life has taught for the past (almost) 30 years.

15896277_10101164885746915_2148104231995962182_o (1).jpg

Though I’m no expert in any one thing (unless you consider demolishing peanut butter jars an expertise), I do feel I’ve got a good grasp on this thing called life and what it takes to see it in the best light possible.

If I can brighten your day, I’ve won here. If I can help you share more good, my day=made. 

Let’s be good getters together and see what we can manifest!

Thank you for reading,

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