Feel Good Friday: How To Boost Your Mood In 5 Easy Steps

T.G.I.F. Right?!

For this week’s “Feel Good Friday” post, I wanted to focus on something everyone could use a little advice on—boosting your mood.

We’ve all had those moments, days, or weeks where everything seems to be going wrong, making it that much harder to keep focus, control your mental state, and, well, be a pleasant person to be around. And, the truth is—most people aren’t going to come straight out and tell you you’re sucking all the fun out of things.

I’d like to think I manage my stress in healthy ways. When something at work is bothering me, I meditate and add more yoga to my week. When Sam and I have a small tiff, we talk it out and move on. When I feel like I have too much on my plate, I ask for help or prioritize. There are thousands of ways to get out of a funk, but here are just a few that have really worked for me.

How To Boost Your Mood In 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Dance to music you love. I’m serious. When was the last time you busted a move? Most days, we’re just going through the motions—breakfast, shower, work, lunch, work, dinner, TV, bed—you get the point… What if you took five minutes to dance to your favorite song? What if you took a Zumba class to let loose once a week? Guarantee you’ll be smiling the whole time. Dancing is an instant mood-booster. It’s freeing, totally personal to you, and is a form of expression you can do anywhere, anytime. No need to feel self-conscious. Hell, dance in the shower!
  2. Go for a walk. When a moment’s too tense for you to process, take yourself out of the situation and hit the sidewalk. Walking is proven to improve your mood by releasing endorphines in your body. A brisk walk also increases your breath rate, allowing more oxygen to enter your body with each invigorating step. Literally—walk off your sour mood. I try and do this each day after lunch.
  3. Have some citrus. Whether it’s a glass of OJ or a facial mist, citrus offers a refreshing feeling to your skin and body. Citrus is naturally awakening and can help unclog your worried mind. There’s a bajillion other ways to get your citrus fill too: lemon water, citrus lip balm, or bath soap with orange peels.
  4. Do something good for someone else. Hear me out on this one. If you can go out of your way to do one nice thing for someone you know today, it’s almost a given it’ll boost your mood too. Did the wrong mail get delivered to your mailbox? Go carry it over to your neighbor and ask them how their day was. Does your boss like a certain drink from Starbucks? Pick it up for them when you go to get yours and drop it off on their desk. You get the picture… This point also includes volunteering. Community-building is a total mood-booster because when you’re able to appreciate what you do have, suddenly the things you don’t seem like less of a problem.
  5. Stop comparing and start smiling. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve compared something I was doing to someone else. “Oh, they already have kids?” “Wow, they’re so fit… I wish I was that toned.” “They got promoted? Not fair!” You know what… if all you did was consciously stop comparing your life to those around you, a heavy weight would lift off your shoulders. Smile more about what you’ve got. Be proud of where you are. Boost your own mood by making you your only focus. I’m not saying to stop caring about those around you, I’m just saying don’t make their lives your priority.

I swear these tips will help. Be in charge of your own happiness by taking breaks when you need to in life and managing only what you can. Try and catch when your mood dips, and alter your surroundings and thoughts to get you back on track. Take it one day, one moment at a time.

You’re allowed to have bad days, but why not try and make yourself feel happier by taking charge of your mood?

Boost up!

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