Meet Me On The Mat: Show Up

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed watching the Superbowl (if that’s what you’re into, hah!)

P.S. We won!!!!

Before we get into this week’s chill-worthy “Meet Me On The Mat” post, let me take you back to the start of my weekend.

FRIDAY: To kick off our first post-Sober January weekend, we knew we had to get our hands on some red wine. A recent bump in with an interesting and super-chatty stranger at Whole Foods had us remembering a restaurant he suggested—Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in Eagle Rock. I’ll give you the full low-down on this spot in Wednesday’s What I’m Wicked Into, so stay tuned.

SATURDAY: I treated myself (well, with a gift card) to a 60-minute deep-tissue massage at Healing Hands after my hour Zumba class. Following that, I got some more wedding planning done and then we went out for our friend Val’s birthday at Outback Steakhouse, followed by a few cocktails, of course!

SUNDAY: Superbowwwwwwwwwwl! Yes, we’re big Pats fans so we were waiting for this game all year so far! Did you watch the game, or at least Lady Gaga’s half-time performance? I’ll be sharing all the amazing food we ate tomorrow on the blog. 😉

Welcome back to the “Meet Me On The Mat” series. I hope last week’s mantra “I release the things out of control” served you well throughout the week. I have a feeling this new one, though, will strike an even stronger chord within. It’s short and sweet (and even gives me chills), but applies to everything in life.

Simply put:


No matter what life throws at you this week, show up 100% of the time whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. Be as present as you can and give every experience your undivided attention, energy, and good intention.

This may sound impossibly hard at first, but here are instances where you can show up:

-In a meeting, close your laptop and leave your phone in your pocket. Nod at who is speaking and take clear notes.
-At the coffee shop, sip your drink with ease and set the tone for your day by not rushing but enjoying.
-When you’re at the gym, give it your all. Don’t worry about how messy your hair is or how sweaty you look, show up for yourself so you can achieve the goals you’ve set.
-Follow through with promises you set, even small ones like “I’ll be there at seven” or “Text you in five.” Show up and prove to those in your world that they are well worth your precious time.

I hope this mantra helps coast you through a nice week ahead! Showing up doesn’t need to intimidate you. If anything, it should motivate you.

Go ahead and be the best version of you,

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