Superbowl Sunday Shareables

Happy Tuesday morning!

I just had to dedicate a separate blog post around Superbowl Sunday because when your home team’s playing (Go Pats!), you gotta go hard. That’s why Sam and I decided to host a little shindig and whip up some easy-peasy small bites to share with our guests.

Remaining healthy around a special event like this can be especially hard, so we added veggies where we could and tried to swap in healthy replacement ingredients.

I’ll keep this post short ‘n sweet with pics and links so you can recreate anything that catches your eye!

Herbed Cucumber Bites: refreshing, bite-sized, the perfect combo of veggie and cheese, and topped with dill!
Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip: served with celery, a punch of spiciness, and totally creamy.

Bacon-wrapped Dates: filled with blue-cheese (if you so choose… we did), juicy, and packed with flavor.
Flour-less 3-ingredient Cookies: naturally-sweet, petite, and guilt-free.

Plus, a Game Day Cocktail Sam and I created called “Blueberry Peach Moonshine Punch” made with these simple and easy to find ingredients!

Fresh blueberries muddled with maple syrup, peach tea whiskey, lemonade, blueberry ice cubes, and a splash of lemon seltzer! Yummmm.
Pretty, huh?

*Special thanks to our amazing friends for their lovely app contributions, too, including hummus, a cheese ball, bacon-wrapped asparagus in crescent rolls, and cheesecake strawberry bites.


Hostess with the mostest advice:
It’s no fun slaving away in the kitchen all day while your guests chat away in the other room, so trying to get a little ahead so you can also enjoy their company is key!

We were able to make the cheesy portions of our appetizers the night before, wrap up the dates and refrigerate prior to baking, and make the cookies. All that was left was baking the apps and cutting veggies for game day! That’s as easy as it can be—if you ask me.

What are your favorite game day appetizers to make or eat?

Please share!

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