Meet Me On The Mat: Excitement

Good morning and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Hopefully you did something fun and got to relax a bit, too.

Mine wasn’t too eventful, but I did get to cover The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards with my team for the third year in a row! We were in the office all day Sunday writing about the live show and I will say, even though it’s tough to work through the weekend, covering something like the GRAMMYs isn’t too shabby since it’s my definitely my favorite event of the year.

Let’s move right into this week’s “Meet Me On The Mat” mantra:


Before you get ahead of yourself and chuckle aloud about this one, let me explain.

I don’t know about you, but most mornings when I wake, I somehow already have a swarm of thoughts about how my day might look. Whether it’s work-related or something I need to get done, sometimes there can already be a sense of worry that arises for literally no good reason, haha! (Okay, maybe it has something to do with wedding planning….)

Anyway, I’m totally over that way of thinking. It’s not only a waste of worrying, but half the time, the things we stress over, don’t end up unravelling the way we thought they would.

That’s why I think this mantra is so important: “Today I am excited about everything.” If we just got a little more excited about what the day might hold (even something as simple as a lunch somewhere new or a movie you’re seeing after work), your whole attitude going into the day would be different.

Even the stuff you’re not excited for… start looking at them differently from the get-go.

Get excited about what possibilities your day holds and all the opportunities tucked into your routine that you could never predict. Get excited about the people you could meet or the conversations that’ll give your day more value and meaning. Get excited about even the little things, like a good hair day or the weather.

You never know, with a new outlook like this, you could even make someone else’s day… just by being giddy about life.

That’s all for now.

Helpful tip:
Set a reminder on your phone (morning, noon, and night) that reminds you to repeat your mantra to yourself. There’ll be no way to avoid your mantra once your phone starts buzzing. 😉

What are your go-to mantras?

Hope this mantra is just what you need to have an amazing week ahead!

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