5 Must-Have Vegan Eats

(Disclaimer: I’d like to mention that while I am not vegan or vegetarian, I do love non-meat and non-dairy products, wholeheartedly. When I share posts about foods I love, I’ll be a bit of everything and will be sure to clearly mark what’s vegan/vegetarian and what’s not. Hope that helps!)

Happy Saturday!

You know… I loveeeee a good snack—something that both satisfies whatever food craving I’m having and can hold me over until my next meal.

Are you a snacker like me? 😉

Recently, I paid my local Whole Foods (2 blocks away, baby!) a visit and grabbed some healthy snacks for the week ahead. For me, visiting Whole Foods is always fun because they seem to carry cool new products that catch my eye. I’ll be honest, I don’t tend to ever do my “big shop” at Whole Foods, because they are definitely on the pricier side, but when it comes to treating myself or grabbing a tasty quick lunch, I don’t hesitate.

During my latest trip, I grabbed these five must-have vegan eats:
Larabar: Cashew Cookie
Coco-Roons Mini’s: Vanilla Maple (I love maple anything)
Amazon Planet’s Acai Pure Packets
Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Single Serving Packs
Tofurkey’s Treehouse Tempeh: Smoky Maple Bacon

Can someone say delicious? I can’t wait to tell you why these are some of my new faves…


Larabar: Cashew Cookie
This is my go-to energy bar during the day. It’s so flavorful, delicious, and naturally sweet. With only two ingredients—cashews and dates—it’s packed with fiber and nutrition. Keep these on hand when you know you’re going to be running errands all day.

Coco-Roons Mini’s: Vanilla Maple
Oh, my. These nibbles of goodness are addicting. After about an hour or so following my work lunch, I’ll turn to these lil babies when I want something sweet that’s not bad for me. Made with almond flour, himalayan salt, and good ‘ol maple syrup, Coc0-Roons are just the right bit of sweet.

If I could still get away with trick-or-treating, I would eagerly hold open a pillowcase in hopes for Coco-Roons. Just sayin’…

Amazon Planet’s Acai Pure Packets
Acai is a heart-healthy, immune-boosting super fruit and acai bowls may be one of my favorite things. Another way to get your fill of the berry is through smoothies. Get your smoothie on with Amazon Planet’s acai pure packs. Packed with everything good, they are ready to go in the morning to take your smoothie game up a notch. SUPER delish.

How to make: Run one acai packet under cool water for 5-10 seconds and then break apart in packaging before you open; add broken chunks to blender, along with a cup of any fresh fruit, and milk of your choice. Ta da!

Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Single Serving Packs
Up there with acai bowls is my love for peanut/almond butter. Add a banana to the mix and I’m on cloud 9. I keep single serving packs of Justin’s almond butter at work and in my purse because you just never know when you’re going to need a savory pick-me-up. I will add this heavenly spread to celery sticks, oatmeal, or toast.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I eat it straight from the pack. What can I say…

Tofurkey’s Treehouse Tempeh: Smoky Maple Bacon
If you’ve never tried tempeh, you’ve gotta. It’s probably one of my favorite meat substitutes. Tempeh is a firm cake-like block of fermented soybeans (keep listening…) that can be cut and prepared as you would chicken or beef. You can sauté, fry, or roast tempeh and it takes on whatever rich flavors you add to it. Tempeh is to vegans as bacon is to meat-lovers.

Have you ever tried any of the above vegan eats?  What are your favorite meat-less snacks?

Bite in,

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