Meet Me On The Mat: Be Present

Hey friends! How are you doing?

Hopefully you had a very fun, relaxing, and recharging weekend.

Here’s a look back at how mine was spent:

FRIDAY night was extremely chill. Sam and I were both pretty pooped from staying up late Thursday night and work all day, so we stayed in and watched TV. I worked on my taxes, too. (You’re super jealous of our Friday plans, lol!)

SATURDAY was a lot of fun. I started off the day at the 24 Hour Fitness where I took a bbarreless class. I’m not gonna lie, the instructor didn’t jazz up the class too much (and I truly believe that a great instructor MAKES the class), but the workout itself was legit. I seriously felt the burn toward the end of class when we were doing some crazy standing leg work. I’ve been sore since…

After class, I met up with Sam down the street at Panera for breakfast. They always have some new eats so I tried something I hadn’t had before—their Turkey Sausage, Egg White, And Spinach Breakfast Power Sandwich. It was tasty! I also ran into my friend, Megan, and her mother there which was lovely, so all four of us got to catch up for a bit in a booth.

Later in the day, we headed out to our cousin’s son’s second birthday party, and let me tell you… this was the most fun, decorated, and well-themed party I’ve ever been to. What a lucky lil boy!

Check out his Wild Rumpus-themed birthday party:


I mean… come onnnnnn. Isn’t this just the cutest? I swear in another life I would have been an event planner because this kind of stuff really excites me (like maybe too much even), haha! I love a good party. Leo’s mama sure knows what she’s doin’! I’m still feeling that sugar rush…

SUNDAY I took special 75-minute Zumba class led by one of my favorite instructors. It was a really fun class with some of my favorite people. We even stayed a little after to get a preview of the U-Jam class he’ll be teaching soon. Definitely more of a hip-hop vibe there which brings me back to my college dance days:)

After that, I did some shopping, worked on wedding stuff, and mainly just chilled with Sam and our friend, Mike. The three of us love to jam together and just play our favorite songs. It can get really goofy. (Did I mention Sam and I met through playing music for an open-mic night at college?) We checked out The Oscars, too, which is always one of my favorite award shows to watch each year.



This Monday mantra spoken by author Eckhart Tolle is so super powerful if you just settle in and really think about it. All we have is right now. This conversation. This movie. This meal. This cup of coffee. This assignment. This feeling. Everything is fleeting…

If we don’t soak up the present and appreciate it for what it is, it’s all of the sudden gone. Rather than seeing this reality as disheartening, start looking at it in the total opposite way—as a gift. It should really help inspire you to see things from a different light.

We don’t have yesterday to hold on to or tomorrow to worry about, just today to make it the best we can. And, you know what, most of how we look at our present moment is all how we see and approach it. That’s why it’s so important to go about things with a strong, positive attitude. I think it changes everything.

That’s all for now, guys. I hope this mantra really charges you forward for the best week ever! Keep coming back to it when you need a little life boost. You got this!

To the present moment,

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