What I’m Wicked Into: At-Home Arm Workout

Hey guys! How’s the first half of the week been so far?

I wanted to share more about my love for fitness today on the blog since lately all I’ve been writing about is food, haha! If you’re anything like me, you like to stay active but you’re not close to what some may consider a gym-head. Rather than obsess about the gym or keeping my workouts so strict, I try to make them fun and efficient.

That’s why you can always catch me fitting in a exercise sesh in my living room. (Just ask Sam.) It’s very common for me to be working out while he’s cooking us dinner or watching the Bruins. Gotta love it!

The way I see it is… if I miss the gym or don’t feel like driving to a class at night, at least I fit in my own 15-30 minute workout. Something is better than nothing. 😉

ICYMI: My Feel-Good Food & Fitness Philosophy: Nothing’s Off Limits

Anyway, one of my new favorite workouts is an at-home arm toning routine that really isolates all the major muscles—without any equipment needed. No weights, no bands, no machines: just your own body weight.

Follow along here and let me know if you feel the burn as much as I do. Some of these moves may sound or seem silly when you’re doing them, but believe me, they work the arms hard.

At-Home Arm Workout: Follow the exercise in this order and repeat entire sequence 2-3 times for the best workout. If you’d like to further challenge yourself, repeat the routine twice a week to really tone up fast.

Tip: Don’t forget to breath smoothly through all of these moves, especially as it gets tougher. Plus, take plenty of breathers/child poses between sets.


Exercise 1: Yoga Flow
6 reps


Exercise 2: Tricep Dips
10 reps


Exercise 3: Alternating Side Planks
10 reps (5 per side)


Exercise 4: Tricep Push Backs
15 reps (pulsing for a 3-count every 5 pushes)


And, you’re done! Stretch it out. I always love a good cool down, so be sure to pay just as much attention to your stretches as your workout itself.

I love this workout because it’s effective, requires literally nothing but your own body weight, and can be done within your home sweet home.

Let me know how it works for you!

Have you ever worked out at home? If so, what at-home workouts do you love?

Get to plankin’,

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