Feel Good Friday: Let’s Meditate

Hi there,

I thought it’d be nice to start the day with a quiet, peaceful meditation. The morning tends to be such a nice time of day to meditate because you’ve just woken and your day is a blank canvas.

Meditation is a practice I absolutely love but, like yoga, I’ve struggled with making it a daily part of my life. But, hey, I’m working on it… even just fitting in five short minutes a day to do nothing but breathe intentionally.

I think many of us are intimidated by meditation because we have these types of thoughts:
-What am I going to do, just sit here and try not to think?
-What’s the point of doing nothing?
-I can’t not think. Even if I try not to, that’s all I can do…
-I’m already breathing, why should I be focusing on it so much?
-Just five minutes meditating isn’t going to change my life…

Believe me, I’ve thought these things too. But during the days where I’ve meditated, I’ve gone about my life differently. I felt lighter, clearer, happier, more centered, and overall am able to approach every conversation and task with a bit more ease. HOW?

Well, the breath is at the core of who we are. It moves us through life, it gets heavy when we’re stressed and mellow when we’re comfortable. The breath lets us know when we need to take a moment for ourselves and when we’re so happy we can hardly breath. It was through meditation that I was able to really study my breath and turn inward for a little personal discovery. Even to this day, when I’m stressed, I’ll take a moment in my car to just breath smoothly in and out until my mood is calmed.

Meditation is a practice you can back-pocket to have handy for any situation in life. Isn’t that incredibly comforting?


Join me in your Friday morning meditation. Feel free to use music or a guided meditation (Deepok Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein) to follow along. Start with just five minutes of observing your breath and add on a minute with each day you practice.





How do you feel? Lighter, happy, relaxed?

Take this feeling with you throughout the day.

Keep breathing,

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