Meet Me On The Mat: Write Your Story

Hellllo and Happy Monday!

How was the weekend?

FRIDAY Sam and I got buffalo chicken pizza from Whole Foods, I ran some last minute errands, grabbed a bottle of wine (Daou Cabernet) and chocolates, and we watched some TV. Very chill night after a long work week!

Was there ever a more perfect pair than chocolate and wine? Answer: No.


SATURDAY I threw a surprise baby shower brunch at my place for a really close friend of mine and you know, I think we really got her;) A few of us ladies had been planning for about a month and I was more than excited to show her a great time.

We played some fun baby games like: decorate a onesie and diaper, guess the belly width, birth date, and weight, and draw a picture of the baby blindfolded. Any time with my work ladies is a great time, especially a gathering that is for such an exciting thing—babies!


As you can see, I had lots of fun decorating. Instead of just sticking with boyish blues, I brought it some bright punches of color, various patterns, and a little metallic. To display the baby outfits, I strung rope across my apartment and hung the garments on close pins. My lovely friend created beautiful floral arrangements in yellow tones to brighten the space. And, crazy straws made the event seem more childlike.

The food spread looked like this: french toast casserole, fruit salad, herbed cucumber bites, onion and cheese quiches, meat & cheese platter, and chocolates! Mimosas for most and sparkling apple-peach juice for the momma-to-be. All so yummy.

What fun baby shower ideas do you have?

SUNDAY started the ultimate way—with breakfast in bed. I lazied it up for a good hour-and-a-half watching Parenthood before finally getting a move on. Then, I fit in a yoga workout at 24 Hour Fitness and finally started addressing wedding invitations. Man, that took me awhile. I am happy to say I addressed all of them; now just time for filling!

Anyway, let’s get this week started off right.

MEET ME ON THE MAT: I Write My Own Story

What is your story? If you were to sit down and write about yourself, your life, and where you see your journey going, what would that look like?

I think it’s really valuable to reflect on your life and part of that reflection entails you envisioning where you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years from now.

Though we can’t rewrite the parts of our story already in the past, we can turn the pages and jot down the places, conversations, and destinations we hope we come into contact with next.


And, here’s the greatest part of it all—no one else can write your story but you. Sure, people and things can influence your journey, but it’s you steering the ship and writing the words that make up the chapters of your life.

This week’s mantra is just that—I write my own story. Let that marinate for a few. Decide what you want to be, and go be it.

Keep writing,

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