Feel Good Friday: 6 Songs I’m Loving Lately

Happppppy Friday!

Food, fitness, and meditation aside, there’s one other love in my life—music.

A certain song can make you dance, another can make you swell up with emotion, and a few very specific ones can take you back to an exact moment with a special someone.

Music is universal. It connects us and puts us in a certain state of mind.

My passion for music spans so many genres—indie, alternative, rock, soul, r&b, rap, pop, and punk, so it isn’t rare for me to rock out to old No Doubt and Stevie Wonder in the same hour.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing 6 songs I’ve come across lately that I’m really feeling. Whether I’ve heard the tune in a yoga class or in the car, these melodies just really speak to me. Hoping you enjoy them just as much as me!

1. Glen Hansard, “High Hope”

Photo Credit: Relix

Parenthood introduced me to this sweet, soulful song by the Irish singer-songwriter. Glen’s voice is like butter, baby. I could totally just walk the beach and zone out to this one. Any piece of music heavy on the lyrics has my name written all over it.

2. Lorde, “Green Light”

Photo Credit: Spin

I’ve always appreciated Lorde’s artistry. She’s just so weird and I love that about her. I’ll never forget when I first heard “Royals” for the first time. I driving through Maine one summer on my way to work and was like “Mmmmhmmm, I like this chick.” “Green Light” builds in a really cool way. Plus, who doesn’t love the occasional powerful break-up song?

3. Bruno Mars, “Chunky”

Photo Credit: Billboard

Dance it outttttttt. I love Bruno’s funky swag so much, haha! He honestly has the best dance jams, ones we often dance to in Zumba. Honestly, even if you don’t love pop/funk/contemporary r&b, 24K Magic is fiery and fun all the way through. I’m impressed by Bruno’s catchy word-play and his live performances are just so spot on. I dare you not to groove to “Chunky.”

4. RY X, “Berlin”

Photo Credit: Genius

Big thanks to my morning yoga class for introducing me to this gorgeous one. I legit asked the instructor the name of this song after class and immediately jotted it down in my phone so I wouldn’t forget.

This song may have been released a few years ago, but I’m just now learning about Ry Cuming, best known as just RY X. I could not agree more with the NYT’s review of him: “His voice is a pearly, androgynous tenor, a vessel for liquid melancholy that blurs words at the edges. He stretches pop structures with repetition that grows devotional, obsessive, hypnotic.” Just hear for yourself.

5. Bahamas, “Lost in the Light”

Photo Credit: YouTube

I sincerely adore the harmonies of this track. Behind the stage name “Bahamas” is Afie Jurvanen from Canada. The folky/alternative vibe of this super beaty song is not only easy on the ears, but also just very memorable. I can’t help but admire talented song-writers. Matching melodies to words is such a pure art form.

Oh, and I think I know why I like Bahamas so much—he’s work with Feist, The Lumineers, and Jack Johnson—other artists I really respect.

6. Devendra Banhart, “Freely”

Photo Credit: Salon

Spotify presented this song to me in my Discover Weekly playlist and I’ve loved it ever since. When it started, it immediately caught my attention because Devendra’s vocals have such an airy, moody quality to them. It’s as if the singer-songwriter’s writing the words with his breath.

I know that sounds funky, but when you hear the tenderness of this song, you’ll get it.

What songs are you loving lately? I’m dying to know what everyone’s listening to!

Keep jammin,

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