Meet Me On The Mat: Wake Up With Purpose

Gooooood morning! Today’s mantra’s so good, but before I share it, here’s a glimpse into my weekend;) Since we’re pretty much homebodies during the week (work, eat, sleep, repeat), the weekends allow us more time outside and definitely more bites out (as you’ll see, haha).

FRIDAY we met some friends at a new local gastropub, We’re Pouring. It’s only been open for about a month now, so we were pumped to finally get a chance to check it out. The place had a really cool vibe and we loved trying their snacks. We’ll definitely be back!

Western Slider, Natalie Bites, Beer, and Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

SATURDAY after taking Zumba at the gym, I met up with my gal pal for lunch at Rest Farmhouse Inspired in Montrose, CA. We had a great time catching up and walking the adorable little village area.

Brie, Pear & Fig Jam Panini at Rest Farmhouse Inspired

If you live in LA and have never been, I highly recommend an afternoon stroll here. It’s nothing fancy, but that’s what I love about it. And, if you’re from a small town like me, then it’ll remind you a lot of being back home.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. Sam and I did laundry, made chocolate chip cookies (the only recipe you’ll ever need), and honestly just caught up with each other.

SUNDAY was the hottest day day of the week so you might be able to guess what we did… beach day!! We love the beach. Growing up on the east coast, both of us would go to the Cape and Maine to enjoy beach days/vacations, so anytime we’re on the water, we’re happy campers.

We decided to make a full day of it and hit the road early to check out a beach we’ve never really explored much—Manhattan Beach.

Come to find out, the Valley was sunny and hot all day, but the beach towns were foggy and cool. Not the exact beach day we were looking for, but honestly, it was just as refreshing to be somewhere new checking out stores and restaurants we weren’t familiar with.

Here are some random pics from the day:

Breakfast at The Kettle 






Okay, ’nuff about me and my weekend. Let’s get this week started with a new Monday mantra.

MEET ME ON THE MAT: Wake Up With Purpose

Waking up bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed isn’t always in the cards, right? Sometimes, you don’t get enough sleep, or good enough sleep, or you wake up stressed out with a list of things to do. You know the deal…

But you know what is always in the cards? Waking up with purpose. Our morning routines can determine our day ahead, meaning however we choose to sculpt our initial thoughts of the day can affect our happiness levels the whole day through.

Give your mornings purpose. Give your thoughts attention. Wake up peacefully and meaningfully with good intentions and an open heart.

If it helps, have a notebook and pen by your beside to jot down any positive intentions, starting with this mantra:


Where does someone even start with waking up purposefully? Here are some ways.

  • Set an intention or use a morning mantra to get your pumped for the day.
  • Simply, make your bed.
  • Set attainable goals for that day, and that day only.
  • Start a morning ritual like making yourself a hot cup of coffee just the way you like it or meditating in bed.
  • Give yourself enough time to not feel rushed by allotting yourself time to rise gracefully and get ready for work.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts. Watch any negative ones rise, but pass. Welcome only the good ones.

What are some ways in which you start your day with purpose?

Good luck with this! If this method is new for you, give it time to make it a part of your morning routine. Changes can take some getting used to.

With that, wishing you an awesome week ahead. It’s a hot one here in LA, 80-90 all week!

Live purposefully,

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