What I’m Wicked Into: My Favorite Accessories

Happy Wednesday to you!

How’s your week been so far? Are you starting your mornings purposefully?

Today on the blog, I’m focusing on a topic that I’ve always found super fun—accessorizing.

Adding accessories to an outfit can take a sometimes drab ensemble and make it much more memorable. Plus, you can take your look in any direction you want: bright, subtle, girly, tomboyish, basic, themed, or retro. You name it. I think that’s why I’ve always loved accessorizing an outfit. Mixing various materials, patterns, and pieces to form one really unique look never gets old.

pjimage (39).jpg

I tend to always be a tad late to the trend party, and in all honestly, would rather just buy/wear whatever speaks to me anyway. Some accessory trends definitely initiate some eye rolls from me, but maybe that’s because I’m not in my early 20s anymore and would look ridiculous in some styles, haha!


Here are some of my favorite accessories.


Photo c.o. @gypsylovinlight

I adore turquoise’s rich bold color. It’s so beautiful up against many other hues, too, like black, magenta, blue, and white. Plus, don’t even get me started with turquoise up against a fresh summery tan. 😉 Anytime I add a pop of turquoise to an outfit, I really find that it becomes the statement for that day’s look. Lucky Brand’s always a good place to start. Their turquoise game’s on point.


Photo c.o. @LindsayBrookDesign

There are so many cute and sassy headbands out there these days—ones that are simple and sleek and others that make more of a retro statement with jewels and feathers. With my especially crazy curly hair, sometimes I love to just throw on a headband and pull my tousled hair up into a pony. Here’s a whole bunch to choose from.


Photo c.o. @PrettyBridalBaby

Anything vintage/antique-looking has my name written all over it, and lately, delicate hair clips are my thing. Pulling back your hair to one side with a simple hair clip is a fun, easy way to style your hair—and a break from either having it all down or all up. I ordered my sparrow clip seen in the top photo from Modcloth. Love these lil ones so much, but my all-time favorite throw-back look is using an art deco-style hair clip, as seen right above.


Photo c.o. @Nordstrom

Say goodbye to studs and hoops, and hello to ear crawlers. This look has been popular for awhile now and I can see why. Ear crawlers are sassy, sexy, and just visually-appealing—for those with short or long hair. The pair shown in the top feature photo are from Nordstrom Rack and I have another simple pair with golden arrows from a friend that I love. I’m also feeling this beautifully simple pair and this glitzy one, too.


Photo c.o. @CloseUpJewelry

The contrast of wood up against either silver, gold, or bronze, is seriously one of my faves. I love seeing how a natural material can take on a whole new appearance when paired with a sleeker companion. In addition to the bangle seen far above, I also have flats that take on the same appearance. I feel like this is a really great start for anyone looking to accessorize an outfit but not sure how. Just throw on a fun studded bangle and you’ll automatically update your look. Shop the look here.


Photo c.o. @Plumo

I adore the look, feel, and glamour that comes with wearing velvet. Right now, I’m trying to incorporate the soft material into my wardrobe in fun ways, other than flirty off-the shoulder tops.

What other ways can you wear velvet? I’ve definitely seen the material used with chokers (like this), belts, shoes, headbands (like this), and purses. I’ve even seen velvet leggings and socks. Try adding this feminine touch to any outfit and it’ll end up being the punch your outfit needs to stand out!

What are your absolute favorite accessories to wear?

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