Meet Me On The Mat: Be Fearless

Hey there and Happy Monday!

How’d the weekend treat ya? What trouble did you get into? 😉

Our weekend trip was just what the doctor ordered—relaxing, fun, full of exploration, and full of wine, my friends.

I find weekends away like pressing a reset button on yourself. A quick recharge that’s necessary sometimes when work, life, and priorities pile up. You don’t need to even spend a lot to have a good time. If you want, set a budget, pack some food, and hit the road with no set itinerary. We went into this weekend with a “let’s just coast it” attitude and we did/saw so much because of it!

If you followed along on Facebook or Instagram, then you already saw all the stops we made, but if not, here’s a quick summary:

SATURDAY after grabbing sausage and chorizo breakfast burritos at Alameda Liquor (yes, a liquor store that sells amazing burritos), we headed straight up to the Danish village of Solvang to sightsee for the first hour or so.


Following that, we hit up some wineries in the area we had heard about through friends: first, Shoestring Winery (amazing grounds, a horse named “Cowboy,” and wine salts by Dana, followed by Zinke. Wine Co. (vocalist Michael Shelton, beautiful setting, and tasty rosĂ©), Saarloos and Sons (cupcake/wine pairings0, and The Crooked Path (backyard jamming and local “Grateful Red” blend).


After checking into our amazing airbnb and taking a dip in the jacuzzi there, we hit up downtown Los Alamos for dinner at Full of Life Flatbread and cocktails at 1880 Union Saloon—all within walking distance of our stay.

A late-night jam sesh with our airbnb host, Jimmie, took us straight into the early morn!


SUNDAY rolled around and Jimmie treated us to scrumptious pastries from his town’s hot spot, Bob’s Well Bread Bakery, and hot coffee. After chatting it up with him about the area, he gave us some recommendations for Day 2 and off we went!

First, we had to check out Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch which just so happened to be in Los Olivios, so we took the 15 minute drive to the front gate. My brother was a huge fan of his, so I knew he’d appreciate our trip out just to take a photo.

Next, we headed back to Grand Ave. in Los Olivos because there was just so much more to see that we didn’t quite get to the day before. Morning bevs at Corner House Coffee and caramel chocolates at Stafford’s kicked the day off right. After walking the area and checking out the shops, we headed to Jimmie’s #1 suggestion, which also ended up being our favorite of the weekend—Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara.


This 1865 stagecoach stop is in the middle of nowhere off of Rt. 154, tucked between trees, creeks, and rolling hills. When we came up to it, a huge crowd was gathered outside—eating, drinking, listening to live music, and just plain enjoying their Sunday out in the woods. Legitimately, the coolest sight to see.

We parked, enjoyed a satisfying lunch inside the tavern, and then grabbed a spot outside to listen to the popular band that plays every Sunday for a crowd of bikers, families, and young townies. There’s no doubt we’ll be spreading word of this place and returning next time we’re in SB!

If you’re ever thinking of visiting the Los Olivos area, you’ve got to do it. It’s such a sweet escape from the go-go-go pace of LA and only a couple hours away. Perfect for a regular or long weekend with your partner or pals.


What are your favorite nearby getaways?

With that, it’s time to focus on the week ahead with this week’s Monday mantra.

Meet Me On The Mat: Fearlessly Be Your Best Self

You know what the most attractive quality about a person is?

Their uninhibited ability to be their true, confident self. Confidence oozes from the inside out. It’s not about what you’re wearing, but more about the smile you’re wearing.

Happy, confident people have an aura about them. They attract the good and dismiss the bad.

Owning who you are, what you love, what you do, and what you stand for, is worthy of all the applauses in the world… you know why? Because it’s not always easy to do.

Fearlessly being yourself can be scary. It means getting real with the nitty gritty sides of your personality, even the parts that you know you need to work on. It means accepting the things you can’t change and embracing what you can. It means not letting anyone else around you—no matter how close—tell you how to feel about your own life. That takes guts.

I’ve learned a lot the past few years about what it means to just simply care less: not in a lazy way, but in a “I’m content as I am and put myself first” kind of way. Such a simple concept, but so remarkably liberating.


Just think about it. If you’re hiding behind who you really are and what ignites your true passions in life, you’re only hurting yourself.

Stand proud of the clothes you wear, own the cowlick you were born with or your few strands of grey hair, and have that second scoop of ice cream when no one else is. Fearlessly own your words and actions.

Here are some ways to be fearless:
– Want to see a movie but no one you know cares to see that specific one? Go alone.
– Want a new hairstyle but you’re nervous to give it a go? Go for it and wear it confidently.
– Have you always wanted to take a dance class? Buy the Groupon deal you’ve been eyeing and attend the class without a care.
– Have an issue concerning someone particular and need to get it off your chest? Be bold and honest, and approach them about it.

Show the best version of you all the time and don’t apologize for it.

Let go of the BS life throws your way and have more fun doing what you enjoy. That’s when the real magic happens.

Be fearless,

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