Feel Good Friday: 7 LA Coffees I’d Drive Out Of My Way For

Sup, party people? Happy Friday to you! This week was loooooooong, am I right?

I’m so looking forward to the weekend, where my plans are minimal and my rest is plenty;) Plus, Sam and I are checking off a major bucket list item—we’re seeing Eric Clapton in concert Saturday night!

For this week’s Feel Good Friday post, I thought I could share something fun that most people can probably relate to me on—a love for coffee.


I don’t have too many daily musts, but my morning coffee… that one’s a keeper. There’s something so genuinely comforting, delicious, and therapeutic about a nice hot cup of coffee. My 8am cup ‘o joe tends to put me on track for the rest of the day—and whether that’s a mind over matter thing or not—it makes no difference to me, because there is noooooo stopping me and my coffee. Hah!

I’m definitely not what you’d consider a coffee snob (pinky up!), because when I’m back home, I’m all about the vanilla chais at Dunkin’ Donuts, crazy (often extra sweet) flavors at Honey Dews, and good ‘ol Starbucks for their highly-anticipated autumn drinks (PSL for life).


However, ever since moving to LA, I’ve come across some pretty impressive coffee spots that take coffee to the next level. I’m talkin’ super-strength cold brew, artistically-decorated espresso drinks, and the popular slow-drip cups, which are quite good if you want just plain black coffee.

I keep reminding myself how awesome it is to be in such a big city with so many options like this, because I did not have this back home.

Anyway, if you’re in the LA area, you’re gonna love this one. And, if you’re my MA friends and fam, sorry guys… guess you’re just going to have to come out and visit 😉

Here are the 7 LA Coffees I’d Drive Out Of My Way For:

1. Café de Olla Restaurant’s “Café de Olla”
I don’t even know where to start with Cafe De Olla’s coffee. The first time I tried it, I think my eyes must have boggled right out of my face! I had yelped the restaurant for food reviews, only to find that they were known for their special coffee.

This special coffee is made with spice—and lots of it—including Mexican cinnamon and dark brown sugar. Mix that up with top-quality dark roast coffee and… what else do you need? Answer: nada. This ish is bananas. Like order me up 5 cups, nowwwwwww!

Why did it take me 28 years to discover this? I need therapy…


2. The Village Bakery’s “Iced Vanilla Latte”

The Village Bakery is not only one of my favorite bakeries in Atwater Village known for their adorably decorated pastries, hearty breakfasts, and wide organic options but, they also know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee.

Ever since first visiting the cute spot with my Mom in early 2013 (before officially deciding I was moving out here), I knew this would become one of my go-tos. When you visit, don’t think twice about ordering a large iced vanilla latte. It’s equal parts vanilla and espresso and not overly sweet. Can’t go wrong with this choice.

Grab a cronut while you’re at it and keep staring at the other bajillion desserts that are smacking you in the face with their cuteness.

3. Philz Coffee’s “Tantalizing Turkish”

When the San Fran-based coffee shop, Philz opened up near me last year, I nearly squealed with excitement! I had heard so much about their rich flavors and unique made-to-order process (you tell them how much sugar/cream you like and they make the whole deal), that I was dying to try, let alone—have a location right down the street.

I was recommended the “Tantalizing Turkish” based off of my favorite flavor notes, and the perfected cup of coffee was and still is so smooth and tasty. The flavors are cardamom, herbs, and tobacco—which may have you going, “huhhh?“—but really, what they’re going for here is a smoky, deep flavor that’s earthy to no end. I add a little cream and sugar to mine. Success, Philz!


4. H Coffee’s “House-made Salted Caramel Latte

I love H CoffeeHome Restaurant’s adorable adjacent coffee house that brews up some really incredible drinks in a cutesy cafe loft-style spot.

When it comes to house made salted caramel—they are A-OK! They mix up their own concoction and can add it to the drink of your choice. Like, come on. I’m just blown away. They also make a ton of other syrups, but if you like the sweet/salt thing like me, you gotta go here.

Just to mention—since Home is a chain, the H Coffee spot is only located next to the Hillhurst Ave. spot, not the Fletcher one.

5. Highlight Coffee’s “Butterscotch Latte”

I’ve featured Highlight Coffee before, but there’s a reason I’m giving this new Glendale corner coffee spot a second shout-out. What I love about this super sleek coffee shop’s iced butterscotch latte is that it’s house-made and so incredibly creamy.

Some butterscotch-flavored drinks are way too heavy on the sweetness and almost carry an artificial after-taste that’s yuck, but not at Highlight. The combo of their flavoring with their rich, perfectly brewed coffee is delightful. Gone in 60 seconds;)


6. Swork’s “Mexican Mayan Mocha”

Swork is my favorite post-yoga class coffee shop. It sits on the corner between the studio and my car spot, so what better place to frequent, really? When I went to order their Mexican Mayan Mocha, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but when I thought, “Chocolate, coffee… yeah, we good.”

I was not disappointed. The richness of the authentic Chocolate de Mexico blended with espresso is a divine mix of flavors. Sam likes this one, too!

7. Proof Bakery’s “Cappuccino”

Known for their flaky, buttery croissants, Proof is also a top spot to grab your morning cup ‘o joe. Make it a cappuccino here. They know what they’re doing when it comes to frothing milk ever so perfectly and their artistry will make you happy if you get giddy over special touches like that.

Whether you choose to add sugar to your cappuccino or not, you’ll be in heaven sipping on this and biting into an almond croissant. Go early though, these babies sell out, and the dining space here is limited. 😉


Now, all I really want is some coffee.

What coffee spots are your faves? Even if you’re not in the LA area, I’d love to know… because I’m willing to drive, people. 😉

Sip, sip!

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