Feel Good Friday: The One Question I’m Always Asked

TGIF friends 🙂

I’m getting personal in today’s “Feel Good Friday,” post so come on in!

The one question I’m always asked other than the popular, “When do you think you’ll have kids?” question is…

“Do you think you’ll ever move back to Massachusetts?”

It’s something I always tend to brush off because, well, the truth is… it’ll end up being one of my (and Sam’s) most important life decisions. And, well, that’s a lot to swallow.

When Sam and I moved out here, we didn’t really have a set plan. Rather, what we told ourselves was: let’s have fun, get good jobs, live our lives, and see where that takes us. We knew we’d always have each other, so there in lied the comfort of such a big life change.

Three-and-a-half years later and approaching our marriage, and that particular question – “Will you move?” – is even more frequently asked.

I get it, I really do. When you’re so close to your family and friends, they want you nearby again, and believe me I want nothing more than to close that gap too, but it’s more complicated than just a yes or a no answer.

Living in LA has been a blastttttt. Compared to my small suburban town, city living has offered me a different outlook on life. Life isn’t just trees, open fields, no traffic, friendly smiles, and patience. It’s so much more than that and so much more complicated than the simplicities I grew up with… (though they were nice.)

PrincetonPrinceton, MA (Population: 3,500)

Sure, my LA residence is louder, my parking is a pain in the butt, and, my commute is bumper-to-bumper traffic, but my career is steps ahead from where it was and I’ve learned invaluable lessons about life, independence, and people: stuff that I may have never been exposed to outside of my itty bitty town.

Plus, we absolutely love the fact that we can walk to restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, and the gym. That’s the type of convenience I’ve never experienced until just a few years ago.

And you know what… this contrast of living conditions has been such an intense one to observe. Yet, extremely grounding. I miss the quiet of home and the fresh air that surrounded me. My town constantly stuns me with its beauty and serenity. How lucky I was to be able to call it home and to this day, to be able to visit with such gratitude.

There are times in LA where I can’t help but roll my eyes at my loud neighbor or get irritated with how we don’t have much outdoor space to explore, but it’s become the norm for us and so many city residents. I can only imagine that when we eventually move—whenever that is—we’ll be even more grateful to have a bigger and better space.

What it comes down to is chapters.

I’m not over this chapter in life. You know… the chapter where my best friend and I are seeing life though a new lens and experiencing new moments together, just us two. I can clearly see that there’s a next chapter ahead, and it includes big decisions of moves, kids, and financial changes, but now, right now, things are pretty damn good in this small apartment next to our loud neighbor with our cars wedged like sardines on the street.

I may not live in California forever. We may decide to move home and be near those we love and miss because, honestly, there will always be a longing to be close to what we don’t have here.

To us, family is #1. Always will be. Hence, why this question (“Do you think you’ll ever move back to Massachusetts?”) and this decision will in time, be our hardest one yet.

I’d like to think things happen for a reason. There’s a reason we haven’t moved anywhere else yet. There’s a reason we want to stay put longer. There’s a reason we’re so wishy-washy about it all. This chapter’s not done.


I’m so excited for the next page turn, though, and the one after that, but until then… I’m OK here. In fact, I’m happy and feel a sense of independence that’s hard to describe. It’s similar to when I studied abroad in Italy… I felt like everyday was an exploration.

Even though I live with Sam, there are moments when I’m out alone—shopping, eating, or walking—and I just stop and look around, thinking…. I live here. It’s sunny all the time. California’s a beautiful state. I have a great job, friends, and family. I live a happy, healthy life. I’m so fulfilled.

Wherever life takes me, I can only hope those same thoughts go with me for the ride. If not, we’ve got a huge problem 😉

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. I’m just happy to get that off my chest. There’s no yes or no answer right now. Just stillness.

Do you live far from your hometown? Ever thought of moving back? Would love to hear your stories.

Thanks for listening,

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    • (Sorry late response here ❤ ) Thanks, Jubs!! We miss you all too, which is why it can be hard/I get why we are asked that question so often. Life will tell us our next move, whenever that may be;) xo


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