Meet Me On The Mat: I’ve Got This

Good morning good getters and happy Monday to you!

How was the weekend? Take part in any fun plans?

Things were pretty chill over this way between wedding stuff (post on that this Wednesday!), catching up with some friends, and relaxing.

Here’s a brief run-down.

FRIDAY was a stay in kinda night. After we got home from work, we whipped up a quick dinner and literally did nothing.

SATURDAY was lots of fun! A friend and I went together to visit another good friend of ours to meet her newborn! So precious 🙂 Together we enjoyed some brunch and coffee, and caught up since the last time we all hung out.

After that, I came home and worked on some more wedding stuff (expect a post about it this Wednesday!) and started putting together all the items we want to take home with us in a couple weeks when we visit MA! We have a ton to pack, haha.

I’m so looking forward to that week—my bachelorette party and bridal shower, first dress fitting, wedding hair trial, meeting with the venue coordinator, confirming all the cake details, and working on the favors. Going to be a very busy but fun time with friends and family!

At night, Sam and I went to Silverlake to grab dinner at Barbrix. I had been telling him about this cute wine bar for awhile now ever since going with some gal pals, so was excited to show him all the small plates I loved. We grabbed a seat at the bar to check out their Happy Hour.


Everything was sooooo good: the salt & vinegar fries with lemon aioli, the mini spicy sausages, and the fried green tomatoes with whipped ricotta. I definitely could have eaten about 5 more of those! Yummmmm.

The rest of the night we just hung out at home. 🙂

SUNDAY I slept in! 8:30am, haha!! It felt really great. We made a tasty breakfast together (which I’m going to share next week on the blog) and really just hung out around town for the rest of the day doing random things like:

Juicing about 15 oranges to make the best OJ ever.


Going for a nice hour-long walk around town and finding some new friends along the way 😉


And, making fresh spring rolls (will also share on the blog next week), which just so happen to be some of my favorite things to eat. They are so fresh!


I needed a weekend like this. Little to do but relax. Weekends like this are the best!


You know what you’ve got a handle on? Everything.

You just may not realize it.


How good are you at being your own biggest cheerleader? If your answer’s, “not good at all,” it’s about time we change that. I know it’s a weird concept but hear me out…

Everyday when you wake, you have a purpose. You may not ever realize that but, you do.

Whether that’s to be the best spouse, the best mom, the best employee, or the best caregiver you can be, there’s something bigger existing than just you moving through your day. Even if you just wake up hoping to be best possible version of yourself that day, own that.

I love the mantra “I’ve got this.” It pumps me up just saying it to myself.

Whatever hurdle lies ahead in your day, just repeat to yourself, “I’ve got this.”

A big exam, an important meeting, a speech, a marathon, a date—breathe in and tell yourself, “You know what? I’ve got this.”

Sure, it feels odd being your own cheerleader through life, I get it. It can take a little time to get there but, it’s so worth it to be there for yourself. You live inside you the whole time you’re living in this world, so you might as well be your own biggest support and offer yourself the confidence you need to get exactly what it is you want/deserve.

I’ll leave you with that. Hoping you have the best week yet and knock ’em dead!

You’ve got this,

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