What I’m Wicked Into: Our June Wedding


While just two months out from what will forever be one of the most important days of our lives—our wedding day—I thought this may be the right time to share more about our big day on the blog!

Come June 10—just one year and six days after Sam popped the big question—I will be walking down the aisle with my dad toward my future husband.


In case you’re curious, Sam proposed the night before our 6 year anniversary cruise to Mexico during a relaxing, romantic evening at home filled with champagne, chocolates, and roses. It was a really sweet moment with just the two of us, that kicked off a really awesome week on vacation! 

At the start of our engagement, we went back and forth on where we should get married.

Would we have a California beach wedding with just a handful of close family and friends? Did we want to go to Maine, me and my family’s favorite spot? Would we marry here and party back in MA? Or, would we do it all back in our home state where the majority of those we know reside?

After a month or two going over our options, we landed on the fourth—a Massachusetts June wedding.

That choice just ended up feeling right. At the end of the day, we wanted our big day to be about our families just as much as it is about us. Massachusetts made sense and being back home where our roots are was really the only way to go.

As a young girl and even now, I’ve never put too much emphasis on the specific look and feel of my wedding day. Of course, I pictured myself in a white dress, a reception full of dancing, and the feeling I’d have walking down the aisle, but honestly, I was never one to really obsess over the details of it. That’s what made making some initial decisions, like choosing our venue, overall theme, and wedding month tricky. As someone who has such eclectic taste, I was open to just about everything…

Pinterest became my best friend. Pins upon pins upon pins.


Being so far away from our wedding venue/vendors, a lot of our plans were made early on with the big time help of our amazing parents, especially my mother who took on so many tasks. Their help, along with settling on most of our vendors only a few months in, really took a lot of the worrying out of the equation.

I’ve been hearing from many people that the stress of the wedding planning comes in waves—in the beginning and then again at the end, about a month out.

Without spoiling too many of the details, here is where we landed with some of the plans for the big day:

Colors: Sea foam green with accents of plum and periwinkle. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing elements incorporating that aqua color, while the flowers will be more purple (with white and green touches) in tone.

Theme/Overall Look: We don’t have an intense theme or anything, but I would say overall our look falls under “rustic/country chic.” Stuff like this…


Overall, our wedding will be fairly traditional. There will be pops of color, but overall, very basic with white, burlap, and shimmer. We’re getting married not far from my hometown out on the open grass under a gazebo. (I’m praying for clear weather!) I absolutely love natural elements as well as vintage things, so wherever I had a chance to add those in, I sure tried!

Flowers: I’m working with an amazing local florist who has such an eye for beautiful arrangements. Our floral centerpieces and bouquets will include lots of purples and pops of natural tones like green and white. I wanted to go with a more whimsical/country look with the flowers… nothing too fancy or structured.

DJ: We were referred by a friend to a DJ from Rhode Island and he’s been nothing but kind and accommodating. Can’t wait to play some of our favorite tunes. I love to dance so I’ll most likely be leaving my ceremony heels (which I’m obsessed with) behind and wearing some sparkly flats (which I’m equally obsessed with) all night!

Ceremony: Our officiant had us write about each other and will create a personalized ceremony around our thoughtful words/messages. We’re still deciding on any other elements we want to add in there, but it should be fairly simple. Our officiant is a writer so I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! Music will be a big part of the ceremony too, because that’s how Sam and I met after all!

Wedding Party: Sam has five groomsmen and his younger brother as the ring bearer, and I have six bridesmaids! All of our closest friends and siblings are involved;)

Dress: Top secret 😉 …but white and long. I’ll give you that, haha!

Honeymoon: A treetop bungalow in Jamaica the week after our wedding!

I’ve had fun DIYing some elements of the wedding like the table names, certain gifts, our table seating chart, and elements of our favors. I’m so excited to see how everything comes together and I know, no matter how hectic and fast-moving the day may be (I hear it’s important to really slow down and enjoy every part of it), it’ll all be perfect in its own way.

I’ve also been hoarding collecting the cutest little things/special touches from Home Goods and Jo Ann Fabrics that I can’t wait to add to the big day. Things like fabric, cute table pieces, and natural elements.

I’ll be sure to post all the photos once the wedding has come and passed! No full spoilers 😉

Honestly, I see our wedding as much more than just us. It’s a reunion in a way. We haven’t been able to see some of our guests in years, so for one Saturday in June, we’ll be getting married surrounded by everyone we know and love. That’s what I’m most excited for. Sure, I’m ready for the Greek dancing, wedding vows, champagne, and to be married (of course), but above it all…. it’s the surrounding of love and happiness that I want. Family’s everything to me.

Those two weeks in June are going to be so memorable and sweet. From the time we land, I know it’ll be extra special for us. It’s a heavy-loaded week, after all: anniversary, wedding day, family, honeymoon. So ready!


Sappy alert!! —

Sam and I met over seven years ago and began dating seriously shortly after that. It’s been a whirlwind adventure of jobs, moves, moments, road trips, and conversations wrapped up in a whole lot of love, compassion, and togetherness. We literally do everything together and find humor in just about everything. There’s no one else I would want to spend my life with other than Sam, my best friend and partner in life.

What are the best parts of the weddings you’ve gone to? What are the most memorable elements as a guest?

If you’re married, what advice do you have?

Thanks for reading!

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