Feel Good Friday: The Perks Of Daydreaming

Happy Friday, friends!

Last night was super fun. Sam and I grabbed drinks and pizza with our good friend Holly at Pitfire! If you’ve never been, you should check it out. They have really tasty pizza, apps, pasta, sandwiches and salads.


And, on Thursday nights at their NoHo location, singer Maria Z covers some of my favorite songs. She’s amazing and so soulful.


 Charred flatbread with honey ricotta

Sausage Party & Chicken Pesto pizzas

Have any fun weekend plans?!

Sam and I are spending lots of time with our Cali family this weekend—a kid’s birthday party and Easter lunch! Plus, we’re going to a live taping of one of Sam’s favorite podcasts where they break down the layers of popular songs. Music geek alert!

Anyway, today’s topic covers a subject a little unusual, but it’s most likely something we are all guilty of doing more often than we may realize—daydreaming.


My most mind-drifting moments come either while I’m driving, workout out, or at the beach.

I’ve been thinking lately about just how important it is to daydream. To sit, drift, wonder, and really zone out for a bit.

What sparked this for me was a conversation I had with Sam about how healthy it is to dream big. This made me so happy to think about and took me back to years being a kid when I feel I/most of us are our most imaginative/explorative.

We have crazy goals/dreams of being astronauts, of soaring like birds, and wishing our stuffed animals would come to life. Stuff like that!

We would let our imaginations run free, and nothing was impossible or too extreme.

The mind is such a powerful tool. It’s incredible to think about its inner workings and how it’s constantly at play even when we’re at rest. I think that’s why I’ve always been so fascinated by psychology and mindfulness. It’s empowering to know more about my brain and what makes us tick.


Some people may look at daydreaming as slacking off/being in your own world, but there are so many benefits to it like: cutting harmful stress, and enhancing creativity and personal awareness. I guess it comes as no real surprise then to learn we spend one third of our waking hours with our head in the clouds.

Here are some of my latest daydreams…

– A large grassy backyard with the smell of the BBQ going.
– Swaying on a rocking chair on the front porch while reading and sipping red wine.
– Laughing on the back patio with friends and family with a fire pit in the middle.
– Exploring Italy with Sam and showing him some spots I used to frequent when studying abroad.
– Our wedding day and the feeling of walking down the aisle with my Dad toward Sam.
– My future children and what they’ll be/look like.

I know, they’re kind of all over the place! But, that’s how the mind works in mysterious ways. It’s funny to think about my daydreams because it’s pretty obvious where they stem from.

The first few center around my living situation. I live in a small city apartment so I must be dreaming about more outdoor space/an entertaining area, haha! And the second few, well, they focus in on my future with Sam and what lies ahead. (More on our wedding here.)


Maybe it’s just me, but I find daydreams so fascinating. They really let you in to your own mind and allow you to explore your more playful side. There’s nothing wrong with imagining where you want your life to go. In fact, it’s healthy and totally motivating.

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming? If so, what about?

Dream a little dream with me,

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