What I’m Wicked Into: Buti Yoga

It’s Wednesday!—and other than being over the hump of the week—it’s also my chance to feature something I’m currently wicked into.

This week, it’s all about Buti Yoga. What. Is. That. Exactly? Allow me to explain…


I remember the first time I heard of Buti Yoga from a close friend and then immediately heading to YouTube to see what the practice looked like.

I’ll tell you what—it was a whole lot of booty. But interestingly enough, booty isn’t what “buti” is all about.

Buti Yoga includes core engagement, plyometrics, tribal dancing, and awakening our feminine energy through careless sexy dance movements.

Photo: Pop Sugar

Since learning about the practice, I’ve taken three classes now…. enough to report back and let you know all about it.

If you like these things, you may also really love Buti:
-Taking care of yourself
-Breath work

Here’s a rundown of what a typical class looks/feels like:

Buti’s different than your typical yoga class because the energy is more vivacious the second you walk into class. People are excited to be there and overall there’s more chitter chatter than a quiet flow class.

Many of the yogis you’ll see are reppin’ sport bras because.. well, you WILL sweat in Buti. A lot. You’ll be moving around throughout most of the class, so the less layers, the better—though I haven’t quite ditched my shirt just yet.

Buti is all about the instructor. Karen (at One Down Dog), the amazing teacher I’ve taken my three classes with, exudes kindness, confidence, and a general enthusiasm for everyone attending the class.

How fierce and strong is Karen?! She’s seriously the best. (Photos from her site

She’ll often ask, “How is everyone feeling today? Is anyone celebrating anything they want to share before we get started?” I always love hearing her ask this and when people shout out things like, “My mom’s in town visiting,” it makes me smile, knowing just how nice it is to celebrate the simplest things in life.

WATCH: Steve Harvey Learns All About Buti On His Show—And It’s Hilarious

Karen has often explained briefly what Buti is all about to newcomers and she even shows off a few basic moves. She reminds everyone to “let go of caring” and “just be weird,” and it’s always nice to hear before you start shaking your tush and body-rolling in front of complete strangers. As someone who loves to dance, it didn’t take too much for me to get comfortable doing the moves.

Together, we set our own mantra for the class and Karen usually offers up something like “Breath” if we can’t find a mantra on our own. You’ll soon come to learn that breathing throughout Buti is so important especially through all the mini bursts of high intensity plyometrics.

Check out Karen’s Facebook page to learn more about her and Buti Yoga.

When the first song starts—it gets LOUD. Buti is all about connecting to the music and your core.

Karen leads the group—often a full house—with moves that really open us up, like arm/shoulder rotations, leg shakes, head rolls, and side stretches. We’re often moving to the beat of the song and Karen does a great job guiding us with clear cues.

Photo: Sangha Studios

About 10-15 mintes in, the moves will intensify. You may recognize many of the moves from other yoga classes you’ve taken, but there will be a Buti twist (such as shaking your tush or rolling your hips) added to them.

Get our of your comfort zone and just be in the moment. That’s the most important thing and the best takeaway I’ve found.

While some moves were familiar, many were new to me—like the tribal-like ones where you are low to the ground, jumping, or hitting the ground with your hands and letting our loud breaths or sounds. Haha! I know.. it sounds intense.

TRY IT: A Short Buti Yoga Workout You Can Do At Home

My favorite—and what might be the the most cardio-intense part—of class is about mid-way through when everyone is sweaty, laughing, screaming through the hard parts, and not wondering, “What the hell do I look like doing this right now?” But there’s comfort in knowing that EVERYONE is thinking about that. You hit a point, though, where you no longer care, and you just own the practice and let it set you free.

When the class cools down, you’ll forget how sweaty you are or how tired you were 15 minutes ago. In fact, you’ll feel proud of how much you rocked it on your mat with 20-30 other fitness freaks who let their inner queens out for a bit.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 4.55.13 PM_0.png
Photo: Charleston Grit

Buti’s about being happy and open. And, it’ll offer to you as much as you put into it. I always leave class feeling lighter, happier, and a bit more in charge of my own life.

Don’t be intimidated by Buti, or any other new kind of yoga practice or different workout, for that matter. Instead, go into class with an open heart and mind and see where that takes you.

Take Buti Yoga With Karen!

It’s so easy to overanalyze what you look like doing a workout or how others are more advanced, but if those things are holding you back from having fun—don’t let it. There are far better things to worry about 😉

Major thanks to my friend and Karen for letting me into their buti-ful world.

Buti, buti, buti, buti, rockin’ everywhere,

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