Feel Good Friday: All-Raw Almond Joy Bites

Hey guys! It’s Fridayyyyyy! 😀

Any fun plans ahead this weekend?

I’m seeing one of my favorite artists tonight—Brandi Carlile—for an all-acoustic set (pumped!), celebrating a friend’s birthday over a bonfire (also, pumped!), another friend’s 30th, and then a Sunday chill sesh—with some wedding planning tucked in, I’m sure.

If you remember back to last weekend, I had teased a new (super simple) recipe with this photo:


Were you able to guess what I was mixing up? If not, no worries.

Here’s everything you need to know…

I have a major sweet tooth, so whenever I can find ways to make something decadent a little more healthy (with a little less guilt), I’m all for it!

Take for instance, your basic candy bar. Not the healthiest snack but so damn delicious. That’s why when I start to crave a dessert or after-dinner sweet, I turn to these all-raw “Almond Joy” bites. They’re easy to make, only require 3 ingredients, and are just as fulfilling as the real deal. Each one is around 75 calories, fyi.

Oh, and one more perk—you don’t even need to cook these little heavenly delights.

-1 cup pitted medjool or deglet noor dates
-1/2 cup unsalted almonds (either whole or slivered, which is what I used)
-1/2 cup coconut flakes


That’s it!

Although you can use a food processor to make these bites, I find chopping to be just as easy and it’s way less clean up.

Start by chopping up the slivered almonds with a sharp knife until the pieces are small.


Place into a bowl and then add in the coconut flakes as is.


Now it’s time for the dates. I save these for last because they get the knife and cutting board sticky! These can be tricky to cut but just aim to cut them down to pieces about the size of your pinky-nail.


The dates are the “glue” to your bites, hence why we’re chopping a full cup compared to the other ingredients.

Now, it’s time to mix all three in the bowl with either your hand or a spoon.


Using your hands, create small balls of the mixture. Add in more date pieces if you find the balls not holding well.

This mixture should make you about 6-8 bites. Store in the fridge to help them settle into shape. They’ll hold well for up a week!


This combo of flavors is so tasty! I love having one after a meal or in between meals when I feel my tummy grumbling.


Plus, it feels good to treat your body to a healthy “dessert” rather than something so rich with sugar. (Don’t get me wrong, I love sugar… but sometimes I need a break and these are a huge help!)

Hope you enjoy making these! This recipe will take you ten minutes—max.

Get your joy on,

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