Meet Me On The Mat: Get Out Of Your Own Way

Hellllllllo! Here we are, back at Monday again. Weekends sure fly by, huh? Still hoping three-day weekends become “a thing” some day, haha!

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty busy, actually.

FRIDAY we saw one of my favorite artists, Brandi Carlile, perform an acoustic concert in DTLA. (More on that awesome time in Wednesday’s post!) 


After the show, we wanted to see if The Ace Hotel had this cocktail that we had/loved once, but they didn’t! We still grabbed a different one but it wasn’t quite the same 😉

Basically, the one we loved was called something like “The Lumberjack’s Coffee” and was served in a mug with a giant ice cube. It was smokey and earthy, and honestly really did make you feel like you were out camping somewhere.

We must find this drink somewhere else… We MUST!

SATURDAY was all about celebrating some of our friends’ May birthdays!

After I took a morning yoga flow class at ODD, I headed down to Dockweiler State Beach for a bonfire. Boy, was it windy!!! Wasn’t expecting all that wind, but it was still a great time enjoying the fresh air and my friends’ company!


I still smell like a campfire….

SUNDAY Sam and I made breakfast together (sausage, egg and cheese scrambles), worked on more wedding stuff, and checked out the Montrose Farmer’s Market.

Other than that, it was very low key day (much needed). I didn’t fit in a workout, so I’m counting our mid-day walk as such 😀 That counts, right?

Get Out Of Your Own Way

You know who’s in your way of getting the most out of life?—You, that’s who.

Funny enough, we usually are the ones standing in our own way of getting what we want—whether that be a new job, making a deadline, or seeing better workout results. And you know why? Because we put so much pressure on ourselves to operate at 100%, 100% of the time. It’s not possible to live that way.

Trust that the universe has your back and that you’re ready and deserving of everything good coming down the road. That’s where it all begins…


Here are some ways to get out of your own way:

-Laugh more. Really. Get silly and learn that you don’t have to ever be perfect.
-Take more chances. Try new stuff.
-Do one thing at a time. Don’t clutter your world/mind with how many things you need to get done. Just take life one step at a time.
-Forget failure. Brush off a “mistake” and keep truckin’.
-Listen to music or meditate.
-Focus on what’s important.
-Pay it forward. When you go the extra mile, people notice and the world… it’s ready to thank you back.

So, there you have it.

Ready to get out of your own way and go about an easier way of life? Good!

Keep trusting that life’s hectic moments will subside and that there’s a little bit of good tucked into even the craziest of times.

Keep going,

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