What I’m Wicked Into: Brandi Carlile

Good morning!

How is your week going?

Nothing too out of the norm is happening out this way, except that we are officially ONE MONTH away from our wedding date—let the countdown begin! How exactly did that whole year fly by that fast? Beats me!

Today, I wanted to feature an artist this week I’ve loved for years (starting back in my early college years) and just recently saw again (my 6th time) last Friday night downtown at The Orpheum.


If you’re not already familiar with Brandi Carlile, she’s an Americana folk singer from Washington who taught herself guitar and piano after dropping out of high school to pursue her music passions. Her self-written songs are beautiful, powerful, and really thought provoking. Every time I’ve seen her live, I’ve been blown away. She sounds just like—maybe even better—than how she does on her albums. So much talent.


You may recognize her raspy, heartfelt voice from the song she’s best known for—“The Story” off of her album of the same name.

Funny enough, the music video for this song was taped at The Orpheum back in 2007, and Brandi made sure to shout that fact out before she sang the song live on Friday. Pretty cool!

Ten years later and her album The Story has hit gold and in a hopes to raise money for War Child UK, Brandi created an all-covers version of the album that kicked off her career, sending 100% of the profits to help children. Artists like Dolly Parton, Pearl Jam, and The Avett Brothers all contributed.


So, in short, this concert—The Story Tour: An Acoustic Evening with Brandi Carlile—just so happened to be on the same night as this cover album’s release. Brandi performed the whole album acoustically, from start to finish.

It was awesome hearing these songs live, many of which I hadn’t heard in a decade. As always, Brandi killed it on stage, along with “the twins”—Phil and Tim Hanseroth—who provide Brandi with some really sweet harmonies. Even Sam was like, damn…. they’re goooood.


I was wondering if Brandi would sing any other songs after The Story and I was elated when she said, “Now go grab a drink and meet us back here to party.” That meant more tunes!

Sure enough, she played a couple songs off her newest album The Firewatcher’s Daughter and even took requests from the crowd—who was wildly enthusiastic, might I add. People were screaming, up on their feet, and begging for Brandi to honor their requests, haha!


One of the most beautiful parts of the second half of her show was when her and the twins went up into the balcony to perform a hauntingly beautiful version of “Beginning to Feel the Years.” Everyone was in awe of this performance, especially the lucky guests up in the balcony treated to an up-close-and-personal visit by Brandi herself.

It was such a lovely way to spend a Friday night. Sam has really grown to love Brandi’s music which makes me happy. I love how we can respect each other’s love of artists, and in a way, it sort of opens us up to learn about stuff we maybe wouldn’t have on our own.


After the show, we grabbed a drink at The Ace Hotel and called it a night!

What artists are you currently into? Please share!

Take care,


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