Feel Good Friday: Morning Streeeeeetch

Good morning friends and happy Friday!

Woooo, sometimes the end of the week gives me a burst of new energy—probably because I’m stoked for a weekend of fun (and chores, and laundry, and errands, and planning). 😉 Mostly fun, though!

This weekend is going to be awesome. It’s SAM’S BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!! I have something up my sleeve for that guy. Plus, a few of my friends and I are hitting the town for some drinks and laughs.

On top of that, it’s Mother’s Day! Being so far from my mom’s always tough but I made sure to show her love from afar with a couple gifts I think she’ll enjoy.

Anyway… time for a new Feel Good Friday post. 😀

Morning Streeeeeetch (<— see what I did there?)

When was the last time you took 5-10 minutes for a good full body stretch? Probably not too recently, huh?

It feels so damn good to do, yet we rarely make the time for ourselves to loosen up after a solid 7-8 hours of shut eye.

That’s why I think stretching in bed—before you even have a chance to think, have your coffee, or fully wake—is one of the easiest ways you can take care of your body regularly in the comfort of your own sheets.

You don’t need to be a yogi or a gymnast to do these moves. Everyone’s flexibility and levels of comfort are different, so take it slow, close your eyes and just let go for five minutes. No need to match my moves exactly, just do you.

Breathe deeply into each pose and once you’re there, inhale to lengthen and exhale to sink deeper into the pose.

What are you waiting for? Let’s DO this!

(Don’t mind my outfit 😉 Didn’t think you’d want to see me in my PJs, so you got ripped jeans and a sweater instead.)

Start with a full, extended head-to-toe stretch.


Curl into a ball. Repeat sequence 2-3 times.


Move your hips to the left and let your knees fall to the right. Place your arms out in a “T” and twist your head & neck over to the left.

Feel the spine twist and release tension with an even breath.


Do the same on the other side.


Move into “Figure 4” on your back by crossing one leg over the other thigh, flexing that top foot and grabbing behind your thigh for a good stretch. You should feel the pull in this one real good.


Switch and do the same on the opposite side. (This one’s a great hip opener.)


Take a moment to let your knees knock out to the sides in this goddess stretch. If your knees don’t touch the bed, prop them up comfortably with props like pillows or blocks.


Move your legs up to the ceiling and grab your calves, ankles or feet in “Happy Baby.”

Move around and loosen up in this one. It’s a toughy!


Move up into a bridge pose with your shoulders/arms tucked under your back. Clasp your hands together if you can and lift up.

Soften the tush and keep the knees parallel, as to avoid sprawling out. Hold and release down to the bed. Repeat a second or third time.


Go to the end of your bed and lay on your stomach. “Cactus” your hands out on fingertips and place your forehead down.


Lift up with an open heart. Repeat 2-3 times to arch the back with control. Don’t overextend.


Push back into a child’s pose to complete your stretch. You earned this one!


If you give this a try, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Do you feel naturally more awake after? Do you feel less tight after all that sleep/stillness?

Stretching feels soooooo good. When I can’t make it to yoga, I always try to at least get a good stretch in. I think you’ll love it, too, if you give it a go!

Stretch on,

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