Meet Me On The Mat: Just Ride This Wave

Hey guys!

How was the weekend?! Mine was so fun – maybe too much 😉 I’ll show you with a little photo recap…


I was surprised with a Bachelorette Party thrown by my amazing friends here in CA! I was so touched to be surrounded by so many people I have the pleasure of working with and the bar we went to, Sassafras, was a blast. Live music, god drinks, and lots of dancing!



Griffith Park opened their new beer garden and we decided to check it out! We ended up chatting with a couple and soaked in the sun 🙂


Then, I took Sam out to dinner at Terroni’s downtown for his bday! We split arancini, and then Sam ordered a seafood pasta plate and I got their signature truffle pasta dish. So good!!


The rest of the night, we just kicked It!


Sam’s real birthday was Sunday, so we continued the fun with some homemade breakfast, talking to our moms to wish them great Mothers’ Days, hit up Santa Monica for the afternoon, and then met up with some friends to cheers Sam’s 29th year at one of our favorite local spots.

Drinks at The Bungalow


Seaside walking…


Cake in a cup!


Meeting up with friends at Damon’s…

The one and only, George… 😀



It was a good day to say the least!

Just Ride This Wave

What the heck does, “Just ride this wave” mean?

Well, to me, this mantra translates simply to… taking life one moment, one hurdle, and one conversation at a time. There’s no point in worrying about the future since all we have is now.

Ride the wave you’re on. That’s it. Not the one you already passed or the one you might be able to see ahead.


Just ride this wave.

What’s the wave you’re on? Are you smooth sailing or are the waters rough?

Whatever it is you’re dealing with, stay positive that this too shall pass. Everything does… 🙂

Keep riding,

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