What I’m Wicked Into: My First Blue Apron Experience

Good morning and Happy Wednesday, guys!

How’s the week going?!

We’ve been pretty busy over here and it feels like the month is passing us by in lightening speed! We’re meeting our wedding deadlines but it’s definitely going to be a whirlwind of a month!

Anyway, last week I promised a full look into our first Blue Apron experience so here it is!

(If you’re not familiar with Blue Apron or the other many food services like it… basically it’s a delivery meal subscription service that gives you everything you need, ingredients-wise, to make dinners at home. You can choose a 2-person or family plan.

Our introductory box was for three dinners and this was our first meal—Roasted Pork and Mustard Pan Sauce.

I’m not big pork eater but I’ve gotta say, this meal was scrumptious! I’d highly recommend it.

If you’d like to try making it yourself before signing up for Blue Apron, here’s all the info on how to make the dish, too!


As you can see, this meal doesn’t require too many ingredients.


The recipe may look intimidating but Blue Apron does a great job breaking it down simply. Plus, if you’re cooking with a friend/relative/spouse, it’s really easy to divide and conquer the tasks.


Roasting’s my new favorite thing.


And, real talk—why don’t I include more potatoes in my life? 😀 hahaha!


Veggies are always so pretty in a stir-fry.


This mustard sauce really completed the whole dish, so be sure not to skip it!


It was the perfect portion to split between two people.


Now, tell me that doesn’t look divine?!


What I also love about Blue Apron is that you can skip deliveries (if you’re away or just want a break from the service), you can choose your meals online, and you can try stuff you’d never normally make at home.

Sam and I love to cook so this service really gave us the creativity to whip up something new together and excite our tastebuds in new ways!

The rest of the week, we made a Tandoori Chicken dish, as well as a Wonton noodle plate that had a spicy sauce. All three meals were an A+ in my book.

Have you ever tried Blue Apron? What dishes were your favorite?

We’re also very open to trying the other several meal subscriptions, so please holler about which ones you love.



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