Feel Good Friday: Where I Get My Blogspiration

TGIF, am I right?!

I feel like these past few weeks have been flying by. It’s like ever since we hit the ONE MONTH mark from our wedding day, the weeks are just zoooooooooming by.

The last few weeks for us are all about communicating the big day game plan, tying up loose ends, organizing, and planning last minute honeymoon details. Get me to Jamaica, baby!

I thought for this week’s Feel Good Friday post, I’d share some of the blogs/posts where I get my blogspiration from.

I’ve been reading blogs for years and they’ve really opened me up to an amazing world of articles, news, and inspiring messages.


In no particular order, here are so posts that have personally touched me lately:

  • MIND BODY GREEN: Self-care made easy.
    Gosh, MBG has always made me look at the world in a new way. Their articles are smart, raw, and health-conscious. Whenever I’m looking for workout/wellness tips, I head here and am immediately inspired to lead my best life yet.
  • MARIE FORLEO: Are you fickle about everything like me? Marie knows the way to nail down a decision like a pro.
    Marie’s a total boss. “Business” could totally be her middle name because her take on work, goals, and staying motivated always drive me to be/do better. She really makes so much sense to me and her videos just make something “click” in my brain, like, “Ah hahhhhhhh, I see!”
  • GABBY BERNSTEIN: Other people’s happiness isn’t your responsibility.
    Gabby’s the real deal. She’s so motivating, a fellow yogi, and so insanely calming to listen to. I love her meditations A LOT! She’s the one that taught me how to envision a warm, glowing light while I zen out and it’s really helped me to meditate more peacefully.
  • THE FITNESSISTA: How to make a golden milk latte.
    I love The Fitnessista. She’s relatable, honest, funny, and seems just like the kind of gal I’d want to hang out with! Plus, her two daughters are adorable and it’s so cool to say I’ve been able to watch her family grow/move over the years I’ve been reading her blog.IMG_20170121_074730_758
  • CARROTS ‘N CAKE: Easy and protein-packed lunch ideas for the gal on the go.
    Tina’s the bestest. She’s so fun, I love her cute lil family, and Murphy…. don’t get me started on that pug-o-joy. I love that she’s from MA and I connect to her on that level. Plus, she is so STRONG. She pushes me to work out more and not take life too seriously.
  • PEANUT BUTTER FINGERS: Vegan overnight oats for the win!
    Julie’s adorbs! She is so beautiful—inside and out, and hearing her talk about her journeys through motherhood, states, and trends has always kept me coming back to her blog. Her Friday posts where she features all of her new favorite things is probably my fave.

That’s it for today, friends!

Let me know what you think about the blogs above and which ones you’re all about lately. I love being inspired, so send all your blogspiration this way!

Stay inspired,

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