Meet Me On The Mat: You’re Allowed To Have A Bad Day

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day,

Having this day off from work is a real treat and it’s entirely owed to the fallen men and women in the armed forces that put their lives on the line for our country and for all those still currently protecting us. So today I’m sending out a huge thank you and moment of prayer for them and their families.

Over here in LA, Sam and I have had a pretty chill weekend. With only a couple of weeks before the big day (still so hard to believe), we’ve been referring to our Knot checklist, emailing vendors lots, and just making sure all our ducks are in order. There’s no doubt our week home before the wedding will be jam-packed. Phew, bring. it. on. Lol!

After the wedding, I plan on doing lots of wedding recap-y type posts for brides, craft-lovers, and friends/fam to see. I’ve been thinking up lots of ideas that I think you guys will really enjoy… just haven’t been able to post because, well, they’d spoil all the fun to come!

FRIDAY Sam and I kicked off our weekend with some ice cold beers at We’re Pouring. We tried a few new ones—Funkjoosiest, Lodi Dodi, and this one below…. the German Chocolate Cake Stout.


Though the weather this week has seemed unusually cool for LA, a beer just seemed like the right beverage to kick off a weekend that’s known for being outdoors around a BBQ. We tend to just kick it on Fridays, so no real big surprise here that this last Friday involved the couch.

Lots of grey skies lately

The rest of the night, we started watching The Keepers on Netflix and knocked out before 11, hah!

SATURDAY I got an early morning Zumba workout in. It’s the Saturday class I always used to go to but then once I started yoga, I sorta stopped for a bit because sleeping in on a Saturday seemed oh so nice.

It was great seeing some familiar faces and taking the short walk to and from the gym.


Don’t mind my makeup-free, sweaty face 😉

Back at home, we got right to work on some wedding stuff. (I’m sure you’re sick of me even talking about that by now, but it’s just another day in the life… haha).

Then we went grocery shopping, bought some new island-y outfits for our honeymoon, and made two delicious meals—crock pot adobe chicken with quinoa and broccoli and a smokey, veggie-filled turkey chili!

SUNDAY we fit in a fun hike in Palos Verdes along the coastline. I had told Sam that we hadn’t really hiked in some time and it would be nice to get some air, especially during a weekend where many people were traveling.



If you live in LA, you totally get taking advantage of driving around during quieter holiday weeks/weekends. It’s so refreshing to not be stuck in traffic and to not be somewhere that’s overwhelmed with people.

Don’t get me wrong, LA’s a wonderful place, but sometimes… I just need some quiet. Maybe that’s my small-town side coming out, but I do crave the peacefulness more often than I thought. It helps clear my mind 🙂

TODAY I’m taking a special Memorial Day class at my yoga studio, heading to a BBQ with Sam’s friends, and then later, going to an Easy Star All Stars concert in Echo Park with Sam and our buddy Mike. Such a fun way to end a relaxing and great weekend.

Anyway, here’s what this week’s all about…

You’re Allowed A Bad Day

You know what’s totally normal? Having a not-so-pleasant day.


If you’re anything like me, you tend to always look on the bright side and see the glass half full. But, some days… some days things aren’t 100% peachy.

I’ve learned this over time. That, no matter how positive you may be and how happy you are, there are bad days and you’re allowed to feel whatever it is you need to feel to get through it.

Even if you’re the most peppy friend in your circle and the most spirited leader in your office, you are completely allowed to have a shitty, stay-in-my-bed, wearing PJs start to finish kind of day.

Here’s the thing: people may raise a brow when you tell them you need a break or day to yourself… they may wonder if you’re the same you they know and love…

Well, of course you are! You’ll always be. You’re just kickin’ it back for the day and taking care of business—Y-O-U.

I say, do it. Acknowledge that maybe your day isn’t going swimmingly and do some things that feel comforting and relaxing.

Take a bath.


Read a book.

Walk the neighborhood.

Then when tomorrow comes, start it with an open mind and be on your way toward good again.

Allow yourself,

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