What I’m Wicked Into: Crunch Time

Hey there and Happy Wednesday!

Being active has always been important to me. I enjoy challenging myself in new ways at the gym, feeling the burn, and working hard for great results—even if that can take up to weeks or months.

Though it can be sometimes exhausting and frustrating waiting for results from your workouts, the one part of the body I tend to see the quickest results from is in the ab/stomach area.

Why? I think it’s because this area of the body is so easy to target. You’re literally crunching the abdominals and pulsing at your sides for a cinched waistline. If it’s something you stick with about every other day/3 days a week or so, you will definitely see results in a month or so.

I always feel a bit more confident in my clothes after taking care of my core. I stand taller, my outfits fall better along my body, and I have a boost in my step. It’s so good to take care of your tummy health, so giving it the extra attention it needs is always good.

Anyway, all of this chatter and what I really wanted to show was a short and effective workout you can do at home yourself to sculpt your abs.

Repeat this sequence a couple times a week for the best results.

Bicycle: Twist from the core as you move into this bicycle movement that alternates arms and legs with each cycle. Do up to 20.

Leg kicks: Bring one leg up toward your face and grab a hold behind the thigh or knee. Switch and repeat 20 times. Keep core engaged the whole time.

Move from your waist to touch the inner ankles, moving from left to right. Repeating until you reach 20.

100/Boat: Either pulse your arms up and down for 100 seconds or hold the boat pose still for 100 seconds. Your pick!


Hope you liked this short burner!

Let me know if you see any results in the coming weeks. 😉

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