Be Back Soon!

Hey there everyone,

This is it—the week Sam and I get married! A year after getting engaged and we’re getting’ hitched 🙂

We’ve made the trek back to MA and now it’s just a jam-packed week of last minute to-do’s before we walk down the aisle on 6.10.2017.


I was going to plan on blogging throughout this week and next while we’re honeymooning, but after giving it more thought I’ve decided to just take a brief hiatus.

This is one of the most important times in our lives and I just want to fully be present for it—and for me, that means unplugging for a bit.

Words Forever Spoken

Sure, I may occasionally post a picture or two on Instagram or Facebook, but don’t expect too much else for the next couple weeks. Hoping you understand 😉

I’ll see you when I’m back (as a Mrs.) and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to update you on then.

Talk to you soon and as always, thanks for stopping by TGG for a read,

(P.S. Still praying for clear weather Saturday. C’mon CA sun, follow me to MA why don’t cha!)

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