Meet Me On The Mat: Appreciate What’s Right In Front Of You

Hey guys!

It’s Monday and I’m back to my normal routine on TGG after a week of wedding recaps.

In cased you missed last week, take a look back if you want to hear about our wedding, honeymoon, and tips for wedding planning.


So this week, we’ll start things off with a little weekend recap and then get straight to the Monday mantra that’ll give you all the good vibes you’ll need for a promising week ahead.

FRIDAY I had a great day at work and then came home to just chill for the night. Sam and I picked up food from Two Guys Pizza in our city and then we just kicked it together. Between bites of pizza, I was reading Girl on the Train, which I LOVE. 


My mom let me borrow it for our honeymoon trip but honestly, I didn’t really dive into it much until we were back in LA. I was able to finish the book and then immediately watched the movie with Sam to compare and contrast.

My vote: book > movie, although it was really cool seeing the pages lift off the page. There is just something about a good book though… it tells the fuller story and gives you all the details a 2-hour movie just simply couldn’t.

On Saturday, we also decided to make Frosé (Frozen Rosé) to cool off after a week of 90-100 degree weather. My friend posted about it on her Instagram last weekend and ever since, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sam and I really enjoyed it and it definitely topped off our night in. (Thanks for the great idea, Tina!)


SATURDAY we took our time waking up and enjoyed some coffee and avo toast.

I really know I need to get back into the normal swing of my workouts, but I definitely needed a lazy morning in after my first work week in a bit.

I got back to yoga last week (so feeling good about that), and then this week, I plan on ramping the workouts up even more.


After breakfast, we headed out for a nice hike at Franklin Canyon Park to beat the afternoon heat. We spent about an hour there walking the woods and shady streets. It was quite picturesque, especially around the reservoir.

For lunch, we stopped back in Toluca Lake for a beer and bite at Forman’s, one of our favorite bars. We shared their spinach dip, a turkey club sandwich and their garlic parmesan fries outside to get the fresh breeze. Yummy all around!

SUNDAY we headed to the beach to (once again) beat the Valley heat. Plus, we were already missing all our beach days in Jamaica and really wanted to get to the beach more this summer since we’re really only about 45 away.

Malibu was beautiful.

The rest of the day was spent writing thank you cards, cleaning, grocery shopping, and organizing for the week.

MEET ME ON THE MAT: Appreciate What’s Right In Front Of You

When I think about my life and all the good that fills it up, I can’t help but smile. And, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned the past couple years is that comparing your life to others isn’t the healthiest habit. In fact, it can only set you back.

The quote “Comparison is the thief of joy,” couldn’t be more true. If you tend to compare your life to those around you, do you self a favor and stop.


Appreciating what’s right in front of you (like your home, job, friends, family, hobbies, strengths, and clothes) really can put things into perspective.

What do you love about your current life? What’s the bees knees about your world RIGHT NOW?

Do you have a good job, a support system, a roof over your head, a full fridge, a closet of clothes, a wallet with money? Well, crap! You’ve got lots then. You should consider yourself so lucky.

Don’t obsess over the things you wish you had. Start appreciating what it is that you already have.

Hope you have a great week ahead,

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