What I’m Wicked Into: Different Ways To Style Naturally Curly Hair

Goooooooood Wednesday morning to you!

How has the week been so far?

Work’s been picking up this week with the launch of one of our popular shows, so this summer will surely be a busy one on that front.

Anyway, on to today’s What I’m Wicked Into post…

Ten year old me would have never thought these next words would escape my mouth, but I’ve really grown to love my curly hair over the years. I remember wishing my hair was stick straight and even considered permanently straightening it. Now, I’m so happy I never took the plunge and learned to accept my hair for what it is.


With the summer weather in LA already scorching, there’s no way I’ll be messing with my hair too much this season. Simple is key.

If you have curly hair like me, here are a few options you can try out this summer to freshen up your look.

Messy top bun: Literally air dry your hair and throw it up into a “whatever” bun.


Half up/half down: Show off your face when you bring back half of your hair into this simple and classic style. It’s very Ariana (hey, that’s me!) Grande.


Twists: Twist segments of your hair (on just one side or both).

Both sides:


One side:


Free for all: let your curls do their thing and set em free, girl.


How do you style your (curly) hair? Do you love your natural hair?

Love it or hate it, it’s all we’ve got!

Leaving you with a few more of my curly hair tips:
Use moisturizing products (ones with coconut oil/cream, work great)
– Don’t over-wash your hair. I give it a good wash 3 times a week, which is still probably more than I need to
– Don’t fuss too much with it
– Keep the layers long… unless you want a really bouncy choppy look
– Use a hair mask/treatment once a month to treat the ends and give a glow to your hair

Happy Wednesday!

Have a great rest of the work week,


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