What I’m Wicked Into: Habits Of Happy People

Hello and happy Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s mid-July.

What summer plans are on your map?!

We keep scribbling in our calendar… 😉

Today’s post was inspired by my mom. She had forwarded me an article she had read about happy people and it really resonated with me, because, well…

Ever since I was young, people have always said to me… “You are always so happy!” and have asked, “Are you ever sad?”

Answer: “Thanks and yes.” Hence, my blog’s name…

I’ve always largely owed my happiness to my upbringing/parents attitude toward life. Having been a family girl since Day 1, I’ve been surrounded by feel-good people (friends, included) most of my days. That comfort and support has really shaped me into who I am.

Plus, feeling happy just feels good. Right?


Going around with your head hanging low just never sat well with me. That’s why I’ve chosen a life of positivity.

(Bad days are, of course, sprinkled into the mix but I can do a pretty good job at turning them around…)

So, what are some habits of healthy people?

I took a stab at it below with my thoughts…

They try and see the good in every situation. They can flip any crappy situation around to see that there’s some good in it.

They’re a mood picker-upper for others. They love to provide comfort, joy, and support to others and will often be someone’s biggest cheerleader to get their spirits up.


They wear their heart on their sleeve. They may get hurt because their heart is so regularly exposed. But they wouldn’t wear it any other way…

They have a real sense of who they are. They know themselves really well: what makes them tick, what makes them smile, and what makes them love.


They treasure and give thanks to the solid relationships in their life. They are who they are because of the relationships they’re a part of. Showing appreciation and thanks for those in their life is a daily occurrence, too.

They take time for self-care. They value a good massage, manicure, or movie on the big screen because they know it’ll only make them a happier, healthier person.

They put value on balancing their work life with their personal life. It’s all about the balance and they know without one, they wouldn’t be as peachy.


They don’t compare. You may have heard me say that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, if you stop comparing, you’ll start loving the life you live a whole lot more.

They can laugh at themselves. Life’s funny and unpredictable at times. They can laugh when the going gets tough and provide perspective on life when the bumps in the road throw their balance off.


They are planners, but not perfectionists. Goals are a must but they don’t lose sleep when their life doesn’t follow a perfect plan. Instead, they embrace the journey and do their best to figure it out along the way.

They are dreamers. They’ve been this way since a young age. A dreamer, wonderer, thinker… It’s how they see the world and it makes them smile knowing anything’s possible if their heart’s open.


I was curious to know which habit was the most important so after some research…

What’s the one more important factor in human happiness? (It’s one of the above!) Find out here.

Forbes revealed their list, too. Check it out.

If you’re a happy person—or a “good getter”—I’d love to hear what you think about this message!

That’s it for now.

Keep making “happy” your thing,

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