Feel Good Friday: The Good Getter Celebrates 6 Months!

Woah, blogging for six months already? That flew!

As I look down at my calendar (yes, I still use an old-school calendar and don’t know if I’ll ever fully depend on my phone daily alerts), I’m reminded that today (to the day exactly) marks six months since I started writing The Good Getter.

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For the past 24 weeks, I’ve written three times a week (M, W, F) in hopes to connect with my readers on fitness, food, fun, and feel-good life stuff.

READ MORE: My Three Weekly Series

I’ve really enjoyed the challenges that blogging has brought… things like writing & scheduling posts while working a full-time job, coming up with new editorial ideas/themes, and talking to more people about their relationship with blogs.

Remember, blogging has always been something I wanted to try and I’ve looked up to these writers who catapulted me into my own journey with it.

If you’ve been a regular reader of TGG for the past six months, thank you!! It’s been such a pleasure writing and seeing the engagement that comes from my words, whether it be a comment, a like, or a friend request.

If you’re just digging in now for the first time, I’d love to take this (mini) milestone to re-share some of my favorite posts from the past half-a-year.

I feel these posts really highlight the kind of person and writer I am.

Thanks SO much for reading and returning to TGG each week for love, good-feels, and inspiration. It’s always been my mission to make people smile and look on the bright side. And, I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can!

L I F E S T Y L E     P O S T S:

My Feel-Good Food & Fitness Philosophy: Nothing’s Off Limits


How To Boost Your Mood In Five Easy Steps


What I’m Wicked Into: Thrifting


Embracing The Cozy Danish Lifestyle Of “Hygge”


F O O D     P O S T S:

My First Blue Apron Experience


7 LA Coffees I’d Drive Out Of My Way For

Coffee 2.jpg

Superbowl Sunday Shareables


How To Make Fresh Springs Rolls


Bacari GDL


F I T N E S S     P O S T S:

Buti Yoga


At-Home Art Workout


Melt Away Stress With This Body Scan

BodyScan 2.jpg

P E R S O N A L     P O S T S:

Our Wedding Day


A Casual Valentine’s Day


Sober January


What 29-Year-Old Me Would Tell My 16-Year-Old Self


Thank you again for taking the time to stop by for a read!

You guys rock 🙂


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