Feel Good Friday: Easy Mat Sequence

Hey there. It’s FriYAY!

What’s on tap for your weekend ahead?

We’re heading to Huntington Beach to watch the U.S. Surf Open for our fourth year in a row. It’s probably the most California-ish tradition we have, haha! What’s more west coast than a surfing competition… really?


I haven’t done an at-home exercise series in awhile (arm workout, bed workout), so I wanted to share a new one with you today.

This is a great morning sequence that’ll get your blood flowing, breath moving, and mind relaxing.

So, roll out your mat (or just use your ground if it’s carpeted) and follow along with these four paired-up moves:


Close your eyes and flow through a handful of cat and cow poses. Arch your back and then, cave in. These moves will warm up the spine after a full night’s sleep.

Down Dog/Plank:

Roll your spine up and down as you move from one position to the next. This will also tighten your core and allow your calves to stretch.

Malasana/Rise Up:

Move into yogi squat (as best you can) and then rise up with your hands in the air. This will definitely get your blood flowin’. Feel free to use a block under your seat if squatting low is a struggle.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold/Rise Half Way:

Move wide on your mat and bend at the hips. Use a block/pillow to rest your head on as you fold over and down. Then, rise half way, with either your hands on your shins or your mat. Repeat five-seven times.

How you feelin’?

As always, stay hydrated.

This refreshing beverage from Trader Joe’s hit the spot.


I absolutely love getting on my mat. Just the action alone of rolling it out and knowing that I’m taking time for me feels good. It doesn’t have to be much or long, just get into the habit (Monday’s mantra 😉 )of it.

Also, the mat’s a perfect place for this too.

It’s okay to dance a bit for no good reason.

Come on—these pants were made to dance. 😉

Wishing you the best Friday/weekend/days ahead.

Keep coming back to the mat,

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