What I’m Wicked Into: How To Make Your Next Dinner Party Extra Cute And Special

Hey there. 🙂 How are you?

Hope your week’s been going smoothly and you’ve been up to some fun stuff. 🙂

It’s been a good one over here. I had some friends over to watch The Bacherlorette finale Monday, took a buti yoga class last night with a friend, and tonight we may be BBQing with some neighbors for the first time!

Enough about me and more about today’s What I’m Wicked Into post:

Though I haven’t throw a ton of dinner/cocktail parties, when I have, I’ve really enjoyed it and have felt my guests have had a fun time here.

I’ve learned some things along the way, like how to ensure a smooth experience that’s hassle-free, extra cute, and really special to the guests you invite, so today I’m sharing a bunch of my tips with you.

First tip—don’t over-do it.

That comes to everything: the number of people you invite, the number of dishes you prepare, all the pre-cleaning you do, and the theme… keep it simple.

I love an intimate dinner party of 4-5 people. You’ll get time to talk to everyone, it’ll be more easy going, and there will be enough seating for everyone to spread out and really enjoy the night.

Instead of picking a really strong theme—like a luau, for example—stick with colors or “pops” of a theme.
Not only will it look more sophisticated, but you won’t stress yourself out over every single little detail. If you did go with a luau, maybe just keep it basic with beautiful floral centerpieces and colorful umbrellas in the cocktail glasses.

Here are other simple theme/style ideas: shabby chic, black-and-white, TV premiere/finale parties (I did this with The Bachelorette), season kick-off (summer & fall are fun ones), and glitz & glamour (pops of metallic colors and glitter).

Everyone loves feeling recognized and appreciated. There are some really easy ways to let your guests know you’re thinking of them like, writing their names on chalkboard wine glasses, making name tags at the dinner table, or giving each guest a different color straw. (I got these wine glasses at World Market.)

Cute plates.
…Because they instantly jazz up the look and feel of your event. Try to keep the small, though, so they’re easy for people to hold/have on their laps while chatting. (These were one of my favorite wedding shower gifts from Macy’s.)

Simple centerpieces are eye-catching and lovely to look at.
My friend brought over these beautifully simple and fresh centerpieces for our other friend’s baby shower. I love the earthy look to them. Plus, they were just the right size for conversing over the table.

Easy finger foods mean you can do without utensils and everyone can chat and munch easily.
No one likes a complicated party. Finger foods are yummy, interesting, and easy to serve/enjoy. Get the recipe for these cucumber bites here!

A signature drink sets the party off right.
Keep it refreshing, pretty, and unique, and your friends will all be bound to love it. Plus, serving it in a big punch bowl means everyone can help themselves to it and you won’t be running around filling glasses all night. Get the recipe to this punch here!

Candles—in the bathroom or living room—always offer a homey touch.
I’m a sucker for candles, like most women, hah! I find that a candle or two lit during a party really offers a nice ambiance to the space. Don’t go with anything too overpowering… stick with vanilla, cinnamon, or florals. Anthropologie’s candle variety is pretty spot on.

A solid Spotify playlist that sets the mood.
This one’s a must! Soft music in the background adds just the right touch to any party. Spotify is free and they have tons of playlists to choose from to fit the theme of your party like, jazz, alternative, Sunday morning, girl’s night, and 90s mixes.

Promise me one thing: you won’t get stressed out.

All the little details you obsess over won’t matter to your guests. They’re just looking for a fun time! That’s it.

Keep the party basic and everyone, including you, will have fun.

If you need a little food-spiration, I’d highly recommend checking out some of my favorite boss-lady chefs: Ina Garden, Giada, The Pioneer Woman, and Ayesha Curry.
They know what’s up. 😉

If you need more tips, feel free to message me. I’d be happy to help give some input for your next shindig!

Party on,

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