What I’m Wicked Into: Try The World, Part 2

Goooood morning!

About two weeks ago, I reviewed my first Try The World box after I received it as a gift from my friend—and I loved it! It included all flavors from Mexico. (You can read all about my first experience here.)

As promised, I wanted to post another review once the second once arrived, and guess what—it just did!

Any ideas as to which country my second box was from?

My predictions of Italy and Japan were both wrong. Haha!

Month 2’s box was from…




If you’re not very familiar with Turkish cuisine (I’m not really), then here’s some more info.

Turkish cuisine is a fusion between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors with touches of ingredients like olive oil, honey, and rich spices.

Fun fact about honey: Second to China, Turkey produces more honey than any other country and it’s of the finest quality.

Included in the box were all these goodies.


– Honey Nut Bars by Tatsan (chewy, honey bars)
– Dried Apricots by Kurme (small fruity snacks) – and yes, I did open the bag before snapping a pic, haha!
– Pomegranate Turkish Delights by Du Bake (sugary, pomegranate cubes)
– Helva by Torku (a confection made of sesame seed paste and sugar/honey
– Altinbas Tea by Caykur (traditional tea)
– Sumac by Basak (a popular Turkish spice)
– Simit by Alacati (crunchy, dry bread)


Out of everything, I was most excited to see this:


About ten years ago, I had visited Turkey while on a cruise through Greece and this was the one delicious treat I remember loving a lot! I’d highly recommend trying it.

They are chewy, sugary and fruity.

After reading the Try The World pamphlet, I also learned these Turkish Delights go great with a cup of tea. Sounds heavenly!

Besides the Turkish Delights, I’m also really excited to try the Helva. At first glance I thought it was a block of feta cheese, but after reading more closely, it’s in fact a more sugary confection. Definitely intrigued by that one.

The nut bars will be great for on the go between work and workouts or on the weekends while running errands.

Just like last month’s box, this one also included cool recipes to make with some of the ingredients included in the box, and I can’t wait to try this one:


Any nut and fruit combo has my name written all over it.

Plus, these little bites would be perfect for a dinner party. (More on throwing an easy dinner get-together here.)


Have you ever tried Turkish food? If so, what did you have?

I’m excited to dig in and see what rich flavors excite my tastebuds!

If you’re interested in giving Try The Box a try yourself or giving a subscription to a family member or friend, head over to their site to see their different options.

Off to taste test 😉

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