Meet Me On The Mat: Return To Your Center

Hi there and Happy Monday!

How’s it going this morning?!

This past weekend was a fun one, but more than anything—really relaxing.

Let me show you.

FRIDAY we just kicked it in for the night with some bubbly rosé after we checked out a new spot in Eagle Rock called Posto Giusto.

If you live in LA, you MUST go!

My friend recommended it earlier that day and her explanation was enough to get me to go THAT night, haha.

Sam and I split their meatballs on polenta, gnocchetti pasta (amazing), and their bruschetta caponata. All three dishes were seriously so good, fresh, and such a treat.

We also loved their laid-back style, open air atmosphere and overall ambiance. We’ll be going back for sure.

SATURDAY was a lot of fun! After an easy morning in, Sam and I made our way to The Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch. Ever been?

(We matched our outfits by accident… per usual)


We surprised some of Sam’s friends who were working an event there. 🙂

It’s a super cool spot tucked away in the canyons of Malibu with lots of trees, food & drinks, oversized games for adults, places to sit and lay, and even a BBQ pit.

Definitely the ideal place for a date, brunch with the girls, or a celebration.


The food wasn’t too shabby either. Their half plate of BBQ bites was nice and smokey and their Mexican corn hit the spot.

Then there was this Sangria Frosé, which was extra refreshing.


We played a little pool.

I’ve never been too good….


Then, I did a little frolicking.


A lovely Saturday indeed.


SUNDAY I took my first ever spin class at AuraCycle with two friends, Kristen and Margaret. (A full recap to come on that!)

It was quite a different experience for me since I normally take yoga and zumba classes. I’m always up for a new challenge. 🙂

And then later, I met up with another good friend of mine, Maria, for dinner at Cheesecake Factory as we celebrated her belated birthday. You better believe I got some cheesecake… a classic—their vanilla bean.

It tasted extra good this time because starting today, I’m going to try a vegan diet for one full week. Nothing too crazy but just want to see how my mind and body feel without digesting animal foods for a week. Just to be clear, I’m just focusing on the vegan diet portion… not everything vegan like lotions, hair products, and makeup… although I certainly try to be mindful of those things too.

Definitely a solid weekend full of good times.

Ready for the week. 🙂

MEET ME ON THE MAT: Return To Your Center

So before you head off into your week, I wanted to share a new #MondayMantra that has left a really positive impression on my heart whenever I hear it…


It’s funny… just as I thought up this mantra, I searched it in Google and found that it has already been expressed by the one and only, Oprah.  (Am I her soul sister? Say yes…)

In the article, she references the point of view of Mark Nepo— a poet and cancer, as well as the author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen.

Here’s the gist:

It’s natural that we drift away from our best intentions and core values throughout the day, but one thing we can always do is “return to center.” This sort of “wakefulness” helps us come back to the things that really matter to us: our family, friends, connections, happiness…

Have you ever caught yourself drifting and snapped yourself back to center?

I have.

What shakes you to your core? What’s the meaning behind your life?

Let that be your center and return to it fully whenever you need a little reminder of your worth, happiness, and direction.

I 100% recommend reading this article. It just may need what you need to jumpstart your journey of mindfulness this week and beyond.

Have an amazing week and see you Wednesday on the blog.

Keep “returning”,

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