Feel Good Friday: Beautiful Music To Pair With Your Home Yoga Practice

Goooood morning, lovely people! It’s Friyay. 🙂

How are you feeling today and what’s the plan for the weekend ahead?

Things are going well here. We’ve just been working, enjoying life, and sorta just trying to save money, which is hard to do when you’re people who love going out so much. 😉

I’m still going strong with my 7-day vegan challenge (check my Instagram here for updates!) and will be sure to share a full review sometime next week.

We are getting excited for our trip to Paso Robles next weekend. Let the countdown begin. (More on California road trip ideas here!)



You all know how much I love yoga and how my at-home practice is just as important as my studio one.

Well, today I wanted to share some tunes that I’ve been moving to lately on my mat. They are slow, feel-good songs that match perfectly with a relaxing yoga practice.

As much as I love going to my yoga studio regularly, I also really do enjoy practicing at home. It’s free, it can be whatever I want, and it’s part of my day that I really look forward to.

I tend to hit the mat in the morning. There’s something very delicate about the morning hours when the light peeks into our apartment just right, the city is quiet, and my mind is just waking. It’s the perfect setting for a moment of solitude.

I don’t always practice with music, but I find that when I do, I have to really pick out the perfect playlist to fit the tempo of my practice.

If it’s a slow flow, I’ve found the following songs perfect to move to.

They are beautifully sung and offer complex layers of harmonies and rhythms. I’ve found that they compliment the breathy and mindful practice that I move to at home quite well.

The Night We Met by Lord Huron (Listen here)

Photo @ NPR

The hauntingly beautiful harmonies offered in this song are a great fit for a slow flow. I like how simplistic and raw it is.

See Me by Tei Shi (Listen here)

Photo @ Tei Shi’s website

One of my yoga instructor’s has played this song a few times in class and I just love its cool, rhythmic sound. Plus, the singer’s voice is pretty amazing. She’s coming to LA soon. I just may have to go.

Windows Are Rolled Down by Amos Lee (Listen here)

Photo @ NPR

Literally, I think about driving with my windows rolled down when I hear this song. Amos has such a powerful voice and a sweet message. Definitely a powerful one to flow to.

Slip by Elliot Moss (Listen here)

Photo @ Billboard

I believe I first heard this song in one of my yoga classes. I love how it builds and offers a soft beat to move to. I loved watching Bad Yogi’s Erin Motz flow to this one, too.

September Song by Agnes Obel (Listen here)

Photo @ Irish Times

I originally heard this beautiful instrumental song on Big Little Lies. (Have you seen the show and are you just as obsessed with it as me?)

Do you practice yoga to music? What are some of your go-to songs?

I’m a definite music junkie—always have been, always will be—so I’m open to any and all suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your sweet flow,

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