Feel Good Friday: My First Cycle Class

Hello everyone! Happpppiest of Fridays to you. 🙂

Are you excited for the long weekend ahead? I know I am. We’re off to Paso Robles later this afternoon. Woohoo!

I can’t wait to finally give you my review on a recent workout class I took one fine Sunday morning.

During all my years going to the gym, I’ve taken zumba, yoga, pilates, body pump, barre and toning classes, but never have never tried cycling. It’s a little mind blowing seeing as how I live in LA—a city crazy for cycling/spinning.

A couple weeks ago, my friends were telling me more about some of their favorite Class Pass workouts and cycling was at the top of their list.

So, right then and there, I decided to join them at their next class at AuraCycle in Hollywood to see what the cycling craze was all about.

Here’s how it went.

After having a morning juice at Kreation with my gals (I got their Green #4), we headed over to AuraCycle to get ready for class.


I’m not going to lie. I was a little intimidated to take this class. There’s an idea of what I thought an LA cycle class might be like so it was hard for me to knock that idea out of my head.

Needless to say, I was open to proving myself wrong about it and finding a new workout to add to my routine.


After renting the right shoes (they conveniently lock into the pedals for a safer/more comfortable spin), putting my purse in a locker, and finding my bike (they choose for you when you sign up online), we got started.

Our instructor was Maranda and she was awesome and really outgoing from the get go.

Before class, she told me to really focus on the bike resistance and to not be afraid to increase it, even though I was a beginner. In fact, she encouraged me to really push through the class and challenge myself to get the most of out it by going even higher on the resistance than I was probably comfortable with.

I kept this in mind and really followed along as she suggested certain resistance levels during the workout.


The music gets LOUD and the lights go down. I really liked that about AuraCycle. There’s no room to be self-conscious or worry about getting sweaty. No one is looking at you. It’s a really personal class even though it’s built around “community.”

There was also a lot of focus on some easy-to-follow coordinated moves, which I didn’t really expect…. like moving from seated to standing, different hand positions on the bike, some ab work while shifting side to side, and a little arm toning by pulsing on the bike, and then finally, arm weights.

It came pretty easily to me because I love movement as a dancer.


Plus, I really loved that because every song offered something different. The class was never boring and Maranda’s lead was inspirational and fun.

She’d often shout out, “Why are YOU here? What do YOU want out of this class?” I really felt inspired by those questions. It made me forget everything else I had going on that day or in the week ahead.

We paused about half way in for an arm workout which I really liked, and then picked back up with the cycling at the end.


I certainly got a great workout as I left the class a bit sweaty. I could feel my heart rate had gone up and my leg muscles felt activated.

There were cold eucalyptus-scented towels outside of class that were extremely refreshing. Loved that touch!

While I’m not sure I’ll be a full-time spin goer or turn to cycling the same way I do yoga or zumba, I think it’s fair to say I’ll be back again.

If you’re looking for a great, sweaty workout that really activates your core, legs, butt, and arms, this is up at that top.

Well, that’s it guys… 😉

This girl’s first spin class = complete!

Now that’s the face of success, lol. Plus, the cool breeze felt extra heavenly.


Have you ever taken a spin class? Tell me what else I need to know!

Keep spinnin’,


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