Feel Good Friday: Sam’s First Beer Review

Good morning guys!

How are you doing today?!

It was a short week over here and we enjoyed it. 🙂 Nothing much is new since my last post, but riding on the heels of my Paso Robles getaway recap, I wanted to give my husband, Sam, a chance to review a beer from BarrelHouse Brewing Co.

If you didn’t know, Sam’s a beer rep here in CA and loves the beverage in general, so reviewing/tasting beer is totally his forte.

I’m handing it over to Sam for this one! Enjoy. 😀



I love beer.

I love learning about, discussing, trying, and tasting all different kinds of beer. And today, I’m excited to share a beer review with you.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. is located in Paso Robles, CA and is among many great craft breweries that are located in California’s central coast.

Tucked away in an area that’s also known for its wines, BarrelHouse is a relatively new (founded in 2013) standout craft brewery that has a solid year round lineup, as well as one-offs and specialty brews.

The brewery itself is a lot of fun with a great outdoor space, featuring a relaxing waterfall, as well as frequent live events and music.

The beer that I’m going to review today is the 2017 BarrelHouse Grog Rum Barrel-Aged Brown Sugar Imperial Ale.

BarrelHouse Brewery Co.  –  Grog, Brown Sugar Imperial Ale



I was drawn to this beer because I’m pretty much a sucker for anything that’s bourbon or rum barrel-aged and the idea of a brown sugar ale had me reaching for my wallet.

First off, this beer is 33 IBUs and 11.4% ABV. I purchased this as a 22-ounce bomber and took it home to enjoy.

Poured a dark brown with a quickly dissipating head and was mildly opaque, almost like a dark cola when held to light.



Immediately, I got fresh baked apple pie, along with rum, brown sugar, dark fruits, molasses, graham cracker, roasted malt notes, and subtle hop aroma.



Medium/light body, which is nice and slightly different than what I was expecting given the style of beer; very drinkable; not too heavy.

Creamy vanilla flavors, softer boozy flavors of rum, but nice balance of sweet to bitter. At 33 IBUs, the hops take a back seat to the malty, more prominent flavors.


Delicious and drinkable beer; nice to have the depth of flavors of what’s typically a slightly heavier beer for its style.



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