What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 1-8

Hey guys!

I wanted to check in today and give you the scoop on the first eight days of my #30DayYogaChallenge that I’m doing through One Down Dog, my LA-based yoga studio.

Even though I’m just one week in, it’s been going really well!

Now before I go to bed, I’m not asking myself “if” I should take a class tomorrow… instead it’s “which” class do I want to take. This shift in my routine has been making it way easier to not make excuses… haha… because I have none. 😉

Each day after you take a class, you put a sticker next to your name on the large board outside of the studio space. It’s been fun adding new stickers every day and seeing my progress.

Along with taking one yoga class every day at the studio, I’ve also been answering the questions One Down Dog has been asking its participants.

Below are my first eight. 🙂


Day 1: 7am Flow Class

What is/are your intentions for the next 30 days?

I was hesitant to sign up for the 30 day challenge. Did I have the time? (Of course I did/I could make it) Did I have the strength? (Sure, I did)

So why was I holding myself back?

I think it’s just the pressure of going every day for 30 days straight. No days off or breaks between tough workouts.

But then I gave in.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could keep up with this challenge. That I’m mentally and physically fit enough to push through the 30 days. That I’m willing to commit to something out of the ordinary.

My intentions for the next 30 days are to take the challenge one day at a time, to really embrace all that these next 30 days can teach me about myself, and to have fun. Don’t overthink it. One day, one down dog at a time.

Day 2: 7am Flow Class

What does yoga mean to you?

To me, yoga kind of means a bunch of different things. It’s self-care. It’s an hour a day I can dedicate to myself, free from distractions, stresses, and errands. It’s a ritual that just feels right. There’s something about going to the studio, laying out my mat, and sweating to the sound of my own breath that is extremely raw and personal. It’s a practice I’m always crafting and tweaking as I see fit. It’s more than a workout. It’s a powerful tool to better myself and offer more to those around me through what I learn about myself on the mat.

Day 3: 7am Flow Class
8pm Breath work Workshop (Friday’s post!)

What did you practice today?

I took some of my breath work training last night and applied it to my morning. I said hi to the first person I saw in the yoga parking lot, I asked a new friend about her birthday at the front desk, and I gave out a couple extra hugs along the way. I’m ready to be more open again (it’s always been in me), but I’ve been a little less that way since living in a big city.

So today and moving forward, I’m going to practice being my unapologetic, authentic self and connect with people as often as I want.


Day 4: 7pm Restore Class

How do you show self-love?

I really try to sprinkle a little bit of self-love into most of my days, even if that just means getting myself a coffee from a cute coffee shop in the morning. Other ways I show self-love include my yoga practice, giving myself facials and manicures, buying myself a new outfit or beauty product, and complimenting myself from time to time (not always an easy thing to do but working on it).

I say this a lot, but I do want to really make meditation a daily self-care ritual, as well as even more positive thinking.

Day 5: 8:30am Flow Class

What can you let go of in your life to make more space?

Ooo, good one! What can I let go of? Self-doubt. Others’ expectations. My life timeline. The pressure I put on myself. Anxiety where it’s not necessary. I gotta make room for so many other, much better things. 🙂

Day 6: 8:15am Flow Class

Where do you hold tension in your body and what chakra do you think that aligns with?

I tend to hold tension in my head, neck and my shoulders. I always have to work extra hard in class to loosen up in those areas and relax more.

That would mean my tensions in the crown and heart chakras most.

It’s funny, because I tend to think I’m a very open, heart-forward person so to think that’s also where I’m holding myself is interesting.

In class, I love heart openers with blocks and when the instructors say “relax the muscles in the face, jaw, mouth, and shoulders,” I always have something to adjust.

* Sunday’s class was new/tough and it really targeted my abs, so by Monday, I was really starting to feel the soreness of the past six days. It took a little extra work to get going to class but I’m so happy I pushed through.

Day 7: 7am Flow Class

How do you feel now versus when you walked into the studio?

Before heading to an early morning class, I tend to feel achey, tired, and at times, unmotivated to really get going, especially when it’s darker out.

After class… a combo of sweaty, refreshed, awake, positive, stretched, mindful, kinder, open, calmer, happy.


Day 8: 7am Flow Class

How have you taken your practice off the mat?

I’ve taken the mindfulness I get on the mat off, into my real, busy and constantly moving everyday life. I’ve also really come to treasure the stillness and quiet moments I can find in my life, whether that’s right away in the morning or before bed.

The study of my breath is a major focus now, too. When I get busy/anxious during a hectic work day, I count on my breath to calm me down and get me through the craziness. It helps when I can notice it and really study the patterns.

Lastly, I love stretching and practicing at home when I can. I take some of the moves/lessons I’ve learned from some of my favorite instructors and applied those teachings in my apartment where I practice from time to time.

Bring on the next week—I’m ready for it!

I’m in a good groove now and I’m loving this challenge a lot. 🙂

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Great to see how yoga benefits you. I love yoga, it’s my favourite thing to do. It’s so versatile too so you can do different types depending on your needs. You don’t necessarily always break a sweat and that’s okay, it’s a psychological as much as a physical practice.


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