What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 16-22

Hello, hello!

How are you guys doing today? Hope the week’s going well and you’re making sure to have some fun in between work and errands.

In case you missed my first two recaps, you can read up on them here:
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I can’t believe I’m rounding the last week of the challenge. At first it really did seem like a ways away, but looking back, it’s gone by pretty fast. And, I’ve really thoroughly enjoyed it, even on the days I forced myself to go after a long work day.


Here’s how days 16-22 looked.

Day 16: 7am Flow Class:

How does your practice bring out the best in you?

Yoga allows me to focus on myself on the mat so I can take care of myself/others off the mat.

It gives me an hour of self-care time everyday so that I know I’ve taken the time to look after myself before my day gets hectic/busy.

I feel like yoga lets the best parts of me shine through.

Day 17: 5pm Chill Class:

Why did you practice today?

Oh man. If I’m being honest, today I really didn’t want to practice. I had worked a late night and then an early morning and forgot my eye glasses at home which made work extremely difficult/straining… to the point where I had a pounding headache. I ended up going home early and taking the rest of the day off.

This was me after class at a crosswalk, feeling peaceful and accomplished.

I knew I had to fit in a class but really wasn’t feeling up to it. So, I decided to take one I normally wouldn’t be able to make—a 5pm chill class. And, I’m happy I did.

I left feeling calm, lighter, and the happiest I had felt all day.

Today, my practice taught me that not all days are the same and that’s okay. Not every class is going to be perfect and yoga isn’t something that you’re going to want to do every day. But, if you need it, it’s there.

Day 18: 7pm Restore Class:

What kind of music helps you zone out?

I actually wrote a post about this a few weeks ago! I love music so much and it really does enhance my practice a lot. I love finding the perfect playlist and it’s common for me to ask my yoga instructors what a certain song was at the end of class.

My favorite music to zone out to includes really melodic music with powerful lyrics and instrumental patterns. I tend to like the more eclectic, alternative, indie stuff. Radiohead is great, always.

Day 19: 10am Rooftop Yoga at Freehand Hotel:

P.S. This class/experience was awesome! So glad I checked it out. Yoga, followed by a swim. Yes, please. They’re offering it for a few more weeks, so gooooo!!

What is your favorite color and have you ever visualized it during yoga?

Ohhhh, I love turquoise and magenta… hence our wedding colors/details. Haha!

I’ve never visualized these colors at all during yoga, but that is a cool idea that I’ll have to try out. I wonder how that would feel.. (I’ll report back.)

Day 20: 9:30am Chill Class:

Not sure I caught the question for this day, so I’ll make one up myself. 😉

What do you tell others about yoga who have never been?

I tell them it’s the best form of self-care I know and that it it’s helped me become the best version of me. Yoga can be whatever you want it to. You can go at your own pace, make shit up along the way, and just flow on your own. It’s not a race, it’s a practice… even years in.

Day 21, 7am Flow Class:

What are five things you’re grateful for?

It’s funny because I was recently reminding myself to think about all the things I’m grateful for each morning so this one should be easy for me.

1. My family/friends/Sam
2. My health
3. My job
4. My travels/opportunities to do fun things
5. My spiritual and positive outlook on life

Day 22, 7am Flow Class:

Outside of practice, have you mediated for even 5 minutes?

I have and it’s hard. I know I need to meditate more, but just like anything, I’ve got to make it a priority. I once heard that meditating in the morning is like a “mental shower.” I love that idea. You’re literally giving your mind a rinse and starting fresh. How nice does that sound?

Thanks for reading!

Now on to Week 3,

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