Meet Me On The Mat: The Universe Has Your Back

Good morning!

First off, I want to wish my parents a very Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary! They are two of the best people I (will ever) know, and though I’m miles and miles away, I just wanted to send some love their way on the blog this morn. ❤

This past weekend—as I mentioned in Friday’s post—was super relaxing. We tend to fill up our days off with tons of fun things, but this one was more chill and I liked it like that.

I can’t believe I’m nearing the end of my 30 day yoga challenge. Just a few days left.
I’ll be recapping the last week on the blog this Wednesday, in case you’re interested.

Here are the first few recaps:
What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 16-22
What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 9-15
What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 1-8

Before we talk mantras today, here’s a little look back at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

FRIDAY after a long work day for both of us, we decided to just have a nice night in to talk, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s so funny that even when you live with someone, your weekdays zoom by and you don’t really even get to talk all that much until the weekends.


Sure, we chat on and off throughout the day and then at dinner at night, but the weekends give us WAY more time together.

SATURDAY I woke up early for a morning yoga class before meeting two of our friends for brunch at Franklin & Co.


After a couple cups of coffee, I had an avocado, chicken sausage and gruyere omelette with sourdough toast and hash browns. Very yummy!


Later on that day, we relaxed at home before going to another “Session On Air” podcast taping in Pasadena featuring the bands, The Clash and The Who. We had a fun little gang for that—us, our friend Mike and his brother, and our Uncle Ed. Music aficionados! Hah.


It’s always fun going to that event. They offer them pretty regularly. Monthly, I believe.

SUNDAY we had pancakes at home…


And then I took Zumba with friends and then spent the majority of the day out and about in the sun… shopping, having lunch and working on the blog. Like I said, super chill weekend. 🙂

I made sure to fit in a yoga class at night. 😀

MEET ME ON THE MAT: The Universe Has Your Back

Thanks for this one, Gabby BernsteinGabby Bernstein.

If you’ve never heard of Gabby, well, she’s an amazing influencer out there who has a few awesome books, mediations, and website full of positive messages.

I still need to get my hands on her newest book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear To Faith, because any other book I’ve read of hers has been extremely eye-opening and rooted in positivity.

Check her out if you haven’t!


Anyway, this week’s mantra is as simple—and profound—as it gets. The universe has you covered. Your worries aren’t worth your energy/time and there is nothing that isn’t going to eventually work itself out for you. Know that. And breathe on that.

Yoga has really helped me settle into life knowing that worrying gets you nowhere and trusting that there’s a path gets you everywhere.

When you’re having a rough day or week, just be certain in knowing these two ideas—you’ll be alright and you’re supported. Whether you realize it in the moment or not, find comfort in that.

Take this mantra with you throughout the week. Come back to it when you need it most and let it inspire you to be less hard on yourself.

Have an awesome rest of the work week!

Welcome the support,

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