What I’m Wicked Into: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Days 23-30

Hey there!

How’s everything going this week?!

All is well here. Today is the last day of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge! I am taking one more class tonight and then that’s it. I did it.

It was something I really wanted to accomplish, especially with my 30th birthday around the corner… like this Sunday. Haha! 🙂 30 for 30!


It’s hard to believe that 30 days has come and gone, but it has. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to this and really testing my discipline. Plus, it was a really cool thing for me to do leading up tp my 30th—which is only 5 days away. Ahh!

Anyway, before you read on to see how Days 23-30 went, here’s a look back at the first three weeks:

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Below is the chart where I kept track of my progress.


Day 23: 8:30pm Chill Class:

Why the heck are your teachers always talking about breath?

Because it’s the basis of everything. We never really stop to think about our breath, but it’s always moving, flowing, and letting us know more about ourselves if we just stop to feel/listen.

Movement and breath go together so seamlessly, so in yoga, it’s no wonder why the focus always goes there.

For more on breath work, here’s my review on my first breath work workshop and an easy breathing meditation.


Day 24: 7am Flow Class:

What are the 8 limbs of yoga?

1. Yama (ethical standards and sense of integrity)
2. Niyama (self-discipline and spiritual observances)
3. Asana (postures)
4. Pranayama (breath control)
5. Pratyahara (withdrawal or sensory transcendence)
6. Dharana (concentration)
7. Dhyana (meditation or contemplation)
8. Samadhi (state of ecstasy)

I never knew those, so it was cool to find out!

I’ve definitely heard a lot of these words floating around my classes so I’ll have to learn more about these 8 limbs.


Day 25: 8am Flow Class:

Tell us why a restorative class might be healing.

Because it’s super relaxing… probably the most gentle, effortless yoga class I’ve ever taken. You’re completely supported by blocks, blankets, and bolsters, so what’s not to love? You tune in for over an hour and rely on your breath and stillness for restoring. It’s amazing.


Day 26: 8:30am Flow Class:

Do you enjoy going upside down? Why or why not?

I like to try to! I don’t always feel the most confident—which is why I use the wall as support most of the times—but once I’m there, I like the way it feels to be supporting my own weight in these intense poses. Plus, I like the blood flow I get from it. I always get a burst of energy.


Day 27: 6pm Restore Class: 

What made you step into your first yoga class ever?

Back in February, I wrote a full post about my first yoga class here. It was back in Massachusetts.

I think the reason I took my first class was because I had always been interested in yoga and its health benefits. Also, I’ve always loved super moody settings with dim lights, candles, music, movement… you get the picture. And then, I had always loved the idea of mindfulness and spirituality. I thought by taking yoga that I could get a little bit of all of that.

I did.

Day 28: 7am Flow Class:

Dogs or cats?

Dogs, huh. I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not the biggest cat fat. First, because I’m allergic. And well, they make me super jumpy/anxious.

One day we’ll get a dog… one day.

Day 29: 7am Flow Class:

How can loving yourself help those around you?

Ever hear the saying, “you gotta take care of/love yourself first before you can care for those around you?” I really feel that this is true.

When I go to yoga, I’m really taking the time to love myself. And when I do that, it opens me up to loving others more mindfully and genuinely.

When I take care of myself in a loving manner, I am just a better person all around. I can then offer my best self to those in my life.

Day 30: 8:30pm Chill Class:

After these 30 days, what does yoga mean to you?

Surprisingly, so much more than I thought it would. It’s really such a part of me and I think for as long as I live, I’ll incorporate elements of yoga and meditation into my life… even when I’m old and gray. 🙂

Yoga is the best thing I do for myself and it enriches my life in so many unexplainable ways. After 30 days, I can say that this challenge opened me up at the best time in my life where I was feeling a little stuck.

Proud of myself for sticking with and accomplishing this goal.


Anyway, as I close the chapter on my 30 Day Yoga Challenge this week, I decided this week would also be a really fun time to reflect on some thoughts I had during the whole experience… from the mat.

In no particular order, here are some of my random thoughts, memories, and take-aways from throughout the past 30 days: 

– “When the it gets hard, that’s where the yoga begins.”
– I’m sore and I feel like I need to take a day off. (I never took a day off)
– The teacher said I can skip vinyasas, so today I’m skipping vinyasas. I look around and wonder if people think I have an injury because literally ever vinyasa that was called, I skipped.
– During one class, the instructor said we’d be doing no vinyasas and this was exceptional after days of being sore. She said even if we felt like taking them (I didn’t) that we should try and hold back from doing them. Refreshing.
– My crow is becoming sooooo much better. I can hold it longer than ever before. I feel really strong and confident in it.
– Getting up early now is a piece of cake because I know yoga is a priority. Anything that you make part of your routine becomes normal.
– I’ve made some friends and that’s been cool. I see a few of the same people a lot so we’ve been chatty.
– I care way less about how I look to others in class than before. It’s not a competition.
– I learned about the podcast “Invisibila.”
– I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.
– I prefer morning classes but a nice, slow night class does the body good.
– My half moons, Warrior 3’s and side planks are bolder and stronger.
– I love the smell of sage burned in class.

You’ll never know what you can accomplish until you start,

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