Feel Good Friday: Facial Essentials For Glowing Skin

Good morning!

It’s Friday, we made it. Whatcha up to this weekend?

I’ve always really taken my skin care (particularly my face) regime pretty seriously. That includes not over-doing it with makeup, always going to bed with clean skin, applying sunscreen, and pampering myself time to time with a deeper facial exfoliation.

Your face is the first thing people see, right along with your smile. 😉 So, I think I’ve always really wanted to honor my face by taking care of it regularly. Just like everyone else, I do break out from time to time and of course, my skin has it’s fair share of imperfections (different tones, pores…), but I find that a regular self-care routine has done wonders.

Below are some of my favorite products/regimes.

I’ve accumulated these items over the past year or so and alternate between them as needed. Why? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard that switching up your products is good for your skin. Once your skin gets used to one certain product, it sometimes doesn’t seem to work as efficiently. So, I switch it up and treat my skin with what it needs that day/week. 🙂

Plus, some of these are used daily, weekly, and monthly… you’ll see why.



Oils are extra hydrating for your face. They pull out dirt from the day and keep the skin supple and soft.

I switch between avocado, coconut, cleansing (for removing makeup), and No Tox Life’s earl grey tea oil.

Quick and easy makeup removers


Just about every woman I know owns these pre-moistened makeup remover wipes. When it’s late and you’re tired, this is the easiest way to get a clean face before sleep. I tend to buy these in bulk… the 30-60 wipe packs to last a month or two.


Moisturizer with sunscreen

It’s really important to protect your face with sunscreen and I’ve learned over the years that most celebrity makeup artists HIGHLY recommend a sunscreen moisturizer. It’s the easiest way to shield the fun before even putting on makeup.

After I shower and wash my face, this goes on next, and then my makeup.



Spa-like scrub and spray

Sometimes you gotta treat yourself and that’s what I did the last time I went to Lush.

I splurged on their Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and their Eau Roma Water toner.

These aren’t products I use everyday, so about twice or so a week, I’ll spend extra time scrubbing my face and then finishing off my refreshed skin with the toner. It’s a great feeling!


Cleansing milk & hydrating gel

I wasn’t too familiar with milks/gels before these two products, and if you aren’t either, then the consistency of these may throw you off a bit at first.

But, hear me out… these are amazing! These super hydrating, rich products leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, bright, and energetic.

Like the above Lush products, these aren’t daily products, but more so a couple times a week when my skin is looking dull.



Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and it works to tone and kill pore-clogging bacteria in one wipe.

Because it’s very strong, I only use it about once/week or so, but I’m sure you can use it more often than that.



Man, I love a good face mask. My friends must know me pretty well, because here are two gifts I got in the mail.

If you’ve never treated yourself to an at-home face mask… do it! They range in prices from a couple bucks to $10 or more. I usually get ones around $5.

They are relaxing and totally refreshing. You usually leave them on for about 15-20 minutes, wash off, pat dry, and reap the benefits of all the natural oils and nutrients that are left on your skin.


The mask on the left, Purlisse, was given to me through my first Birch Box subscription. Love it!


What facial products do you love to use?

I love hearing new recommendations.

Keep taking good care of yourself,


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