Meet Me On The Mat: Moving Closer To The Truth

Hey guys. What is up?!

I hope you had an awesome weekend.

It was nice here, 80s! I feel like fall is never going to come, haha. That’s LA for ya.

I looooove fall, though. So I’ve been patiently waiting for the temps to drop—even to just the mid 60s. I need sweater weather.

It’s even too hot for hot pumpkin spice lattes, so I’ve been loving this Whole Foods find:


Something about getting excited for fall/fall clothing, had me in a cleaning mood this weekend, because I went to town on my closet.

I was just looking at it last week and thought, “Yikes.. this has gotten out of hand.”

Try not to judge me…


Sam and I share a not-so-big closet so it was time I took care of my side. Plus, I definitely own way too many clothes, but that’s not gonna change so…

FRIDAY night (yep, Friday night lol), I started working on clearing it out after an awesome yoga class in Eagle Rock. That meant donating tons of stuff I haven’t worn in months/years.

Yes, even this little dresser was a mess…


It felt really good to just get rid of a bunch of stuff and move my summery clothes out of the way to make room for sweaters. Because we live in an apartment and don’t have tons of space, we really have to get smart about storage and really, just what we own in general.

Anyway, the cleaning/organizing went great and I felt really awesome to have cleared a bunch out of the way.


(organized by type of clothing>color)


Three bags and some old glassware we don’t need:


After this task, I had some take-out buffalo chicken pizza to top of the night with Sam.

I made my donation SATURDAY morning before we went on a hike at Flint Canyon Trail in La Canada.


The hike wasn’t long, maybe 40 minutes, but it was nice to be outside and get some air.


Later, we started doing some car shopping. I’m in the market and am ready to trade in my small sedan for something new(ish). Maybe even a small SUV. If you have any car tips, I’m all ears.

So far, I’m liking the Honda CRV but like I said, I’m just getting started looking…


The rest of the day we chilled, watched the Bruins, and then went out for some tasty cocktails and a light dinner.

SUNDAY I took a morning yoga class, ran some errands, and did some shopping.


Overall, a very relaxed day.

And, just because Halloween is coming, here’s this:


MEET ME ON THE MAT: Moving Closer To The Truth

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” – Pema Chodron

What I love about this week’s mantra is that it really hits home for me. Sometimes I feel afraid to take a chance on things/life but when we’re able to, that’s really when we are set off on a path of truth. That can be scary for most people but that’s really when the reward comes… when we’re going for it.

Fear is natural. We all feel it one time or another. Just know that it’s a common reaction to being uncomfortable when life gets tough or you’re at a crossroads.

Once you know that, you’ll move closer and closer to your truth.


Thanks for reading!

Seek the truth,

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