What I’m Wicked Into: Dishes I’d Drive Out Of My Way For In LA

Good morning, friends!

How are you today?

I’m dragging a little because I went to an awesome concert at the El Ray last night to see Haley Reinhart. So fun 🙂 I’ll be posting pics soon!

Today’s post may have you driving all around LA—and for good reason.


Remember my post “7 Coffees I’d Drive Out Of My Way For?”

Well, I thought it was time for a second edition, but this time I’ve expanded it to “dishes” so there’s really no limit to as to what that covers. Pizza, pasta, salads… it’s all included.

In no particular order…

Masa – Deep Dish Pizza (Echo Park)
Do I really need to say anything when there’s a picture like this? Masa’s deep dish Chicago-style pizza is the best I’ve ever had. I haven’t been to Chicago yet, but the actual pizza maker at Masa is a Chicagoen, so…. I feel like I’ve been treated to the best. Get the “meat-lovers.”


R101 – LA Style Tan Tan Ramen (Glendale)
Seriously great ramen that’s both spicy and complex with earthy and smooth flavors. I get it with chicken and somehow finish the whole thing every time. Sam gets it with pork belly, which I hear is the best.

Bacari GDL – Stuffed Mushrooms (Glendale; also one in Playa Del Rey)
When I first tried their stuffed mushrooms, I didn’t expect to be blown away by them but… I was. What makes them so special? Their filling! It’s a combo of a tasty 5-cheese blend, basil-walnut pesto, and toasted pecans. Share em… or don’t. 😉

Commissary  – Burrito Bowl (Burbank, Culver City, WeHo, Hollywood)
The best of everything good—eggs, chicken (if you want even more protein), brown rice, twice-baked mini potatoes, greens, and perfect seasonings. Quite literally, a deconstructed burrito—in a bowl! This could easily be split into two meals because it’s very filling and sooooo delish.


Da Juice Bar – Acai Bowl (Glendale)
One of my all-time faves because it’s, well, healthy(ish) and delicious. Packed with fruit, granola, and acai blend… what’s not to love?


Boneyard Bistro – Fried Chicken (Sherman Oaks)
The best GD fried chicken I’ve had in ages. They have had the same chef for years (whose only job is to cook their chicken) and he only works on Mondays to slew out the best. Crunchy, moist, and fresh as ever.

The Village Bakery and Cafe  – Oatmeal Cinnamon Pancakes (Atwater Village)
Some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I love oatmeal and cinnamon so this a match-made in heaven for me. Plus, it’s served with their honey-cinnamon butter. I love just sitting at this cafe and filling up my coffee at the side station over… and over again.

Sweet Salt – Burrata, Tomato & Bacon Salad (Toluca Lake)
Is this a beauty, or what? This salad brings the greens, the cheese, and the veggie all together for one delicious salad.


The Village Tavern  – Crispy Cheese Quesadillas (Atwater Village)
They cover their quesadillas in even more cheese that’s then seared on both sides for that crunchy cheesy topping. ‘Nuff said. Plus, they are super packed with ingredients. None of those flimsy quesadillas 😉

Basis 141 – Sourdough Pretzel (Montrose)
Probably my favorite pretzel around, and I LOVE pretzels. It’s huge, so doughy, and salty!

Olive & Thyme – Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Burbank)
Pressed and with added avocado. I love the kick by with the spicy mayo and havarti cheese. Such a great lunch option.

Posto Giusto – Orecchiette Pasta with Sausage (Eagle Rock)
This spot is dynamite. It’s basically like an Italian tapas-style restaurant. Everything I’ve had here is great, but their orecchiette is hands down, the best. It’s delightful from start to finish and the ground sausage is mighty good on top.

Elf – Vegetarian Carbonara Pasta
When you sit at the bar and watch them make your fresh Carbonara pasta to order, it tastes even more phenomenally. Cheesy, rich, and made to perfection. We keep going back for it.


Moonshadows – Roasted Red & Yellow Beet Salad (Malibu)
A seriously mouth-watering salad, combining goat cheese, apple, frisee, pecans, and beet vinaigrette. Plus, how is it possible to make a salad this pretty?


I honestly could think of probably 20 more places, but this is a good place to start. 😉

Which spots are your favorites in LA? Do tell!

Get your yummy on,

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