Feel Good Friday: Haley Reinhart At The El Rey Theater

Hey there and Happy Friday to you!

Hope your day’s off to a great start and you have some fun plans ahead for the last weekend of October. Seriously?! …Where does the time go?

Today’s post isn’t the typical self-care one I write on Fridays, but it does have to do with having fun… which is always considered a feel-good thing to me.

I’ve gone to a lot of concerts in my life and they just never get old. Huge venues or intimate bars—it doesn’t matter to me really, because I’m always down for live music.

If you’re not familiar with singer Haley Reinhart, well, I first discovered her (like most others) through American Idol Season 10 back in 2011 when she was on the show. (I used to watch the show religiously.) Back then, her voice stuck out to me immediately. It was effortlessly beautiful, soulful, jazzy, oldies-like and rock ‘n roll all wrapped into one. There was a raspy quality to her voice that I really connected with and hadn’t heard too much from others.. especially at her age—20 then.

Anyway, fast forward over six years and I’m still a huge fan.

I hadn’t listened to her music in awhile, but recently I started to check out her latest album “What’s That Sound?” and was hooked all over again. The album offered a mix of original songs and old covers (and seriously good ones at that). I loved it. Sam did too.

So when we heard she was coming to LA in October, we knew we wanted to go.


And I’m so happy we did.

Here are some of the best snapshots of the night, starting with the openers who I had never heard of before—singer-songwriter Savannah Outen and married duo Alexander Jean.

Savannah has an incredible voice and if you look her up, her covers are really amazing. I was blown away by her talent.


Alexander Jean was super fun. They had great chemistry (duh, they’re married) and their tunes were really funky and rock(ish).

This is why I love concerts. You can get to learn more about new music you may have never heard otherwise.


Does the guy from Alexander Jean look familiar?

That’s what I thought too.

He’s professional dancer Mark Ballas from Dancing With The Stars. I knew he looked familiar. 🙂


Then, it was time for Haley!


Her style’s so ’60s and I love it.


American Idol Season 10 singer, Casey Abrams, swung by for a surprise visit/song. These two are best buds so I wasn’t surprised to see him at all actually.


They rocked. Their friendship is so obvious, even on stage.


Encore time—3 more songs. 🙂


So much fun at the El Rey.


Bring on more concerts. They’re soul food.

Vibe on,


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