What I’m Wicked Into: A Broccoli Quiche To Eat All Week


How’s the week going?

It’s been pretty chill here. Mostly just yoga, making yummy dinners, and working.

You guys know how much I love food and cooking, so today I’m featuring an easy (crustless) quiche you can enjoy all week long.

I love easy breakfasts where all I have to do it heat up for a few minutes. It makes the time between my morning workouts and drives to work a whole lot more manageable. Instead of running around making breakfast (a meal I always make a point to have), I immediately get 15-20 minutes of my morning back to do whatever I want… watch the news, send an email, or primp a little longer. 😉

So if you’re like me and love eggs, cheese, and veggies (in this case, broccoli), here’s the recipe for my easy morning quiche.

Preheat the oven to 375-degrees.

Cook the onions in vegetable oil over medium heat for ten minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Then add in the two cups of broccoli so that they cook/brighten in color—just an extra three minutes or so.

Set aside to cool.

Beat 3 eggs, 3 egg whites, a cup of water, salt, and pepper.

(You can of course add cream or whole milk instead of water, but I wanted mine to be on the lighter side… and since I was adding a good amount of cheese/dairy already, I didn’t think it was necessary.)

Add 6 ounces of extra sharp shredded white cheddar cheese to the egg mixture.

Lay down the cooked onions and broccoli on the bottom of the pie dish.


Pour the wet mixture all over the veggies.


Give it all a good stir.

Top it off with some mini heirloom tomatoes if you’d like. It adds a nice pop of color.


Place in the oven for 50 minutes.

When you remove, it should be bubbling and the eggs should be cooked all the way through.


Allow some time for quiche to cool before cutting into slices.

Feel free to add hot sauce, avocado, more seasoning, or sour cream. I know people like to add all sorts of things to quiche to spice it up.

For me though, I just ate this as is, nice and hot.

Yummmmmmmmm. SO GOOD.


Make this meal ahead of your busy week and breakfast for the next few days won’t ever have to be a second thought.



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  1. What time do you get up, and then what time do you have to go to work? I am so NOT a morning person and I marvel at people like you that can get up, work out, and still have some extra time before they have to leave for work. Everything is rushed for me from the time I wake up to the time I walk out the door. Thanks!


    • It can get pretty hectic but I’ve gotten into a good routine—I get up around 6am, take a 7-8 yoga class, home by 8:20, shower/eat/get dressed until 9, and then I’m on the road. I luckily don’t have to be at work until 9:30/9:45, so I totally understand this being hard for most people to work into their schedules. 🙂 I aim to do it 3 days a week. I think it helps, too, that I am a huge morning person AND that the mornings are light again. 😉 ❤


      • That makes me feel better! I could maybe make it a couple days a week if I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30… I have to be in at 7:30 everyday right now 😩
        Thanks girl! Happy good-getting!

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